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[Facts that were ignored in the State of the Union Address:]

That we now get cancer more often than ever was ignored.

The obesity problem was ignored.

That 85% of all diseases have a major malnutrition component was ignored.

That nutrition is the single most influential element in all of health care and the most neglected was ignored.

That our lifespan has increased only to see us spend more of our latter years sick, diseased and disabled from infirmity was ignored.

That 70% of 12 year olds already show signs of arterial disease was ignored.

That 75% of the people who go to the dentist have some form of gum disease and that gum disease is related to heart disease, stroke, low birth weight babies, osteoporosis, diabetes and many other serious ailments was ignored.

That a great nation cannot be sustained by an ill population was ignored.

That we can easily make our nation 50% healthier and so redirect $½ trillion each year toward rebuilding our city infrastructure, increasing police and firefighting protection, redesigning our failing education system, fund the research needed for realizing the promises of the 21st century and decrease our national debt was ignored.

Why did our President even bother?
Jan Wade Gilbert, DMD

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