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July 24, 2009

Remember, in a Pandemic Emergency Vaccination Situation, THERE WILL BE NO EXEMPTIONS FOR ANY REASON
Coming Soon to a School Near EVERY CHILD IN AMERICA!
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Please watch – and forward – Dr. Rima’s latest video: “What will WHO do?” – Will the UN agency mandate flu shots? Will the national governments go along?

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“Ritalin increases kid’s sudden death 600% – but ignore that, parents!”, says Fraud and Death Administration

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“Say No to the Vaccine”

 Swine Flu Time Magazine

We have unconfirmed information that Baxter’s promise of Swine Flu ready for use in the US by July was accurate and that First Responders are about to start receiving their untested, unsafe, uninsurable and unnecessary weaponized Swine Flu Vaccine.  If true, it means that they become the guinea pigs for a truly horrific – and totally unnecessary – experiment.  Here is what Time Magazine said on July 13, 2009:

“WHO’s vaccine experts recommend that countries decided that certain groups should get the vaccine first – like pregnant women, people with chronic respiratory problems or obesity, children, and possibly young to middle-aged adults, who have been disproportionately affected by the virus.

The decision to start vaccinating people against swine flu – which so far remains a mild virus in most people – will ultimately be a gamble, since there will be limited data on any vaccine. Until millions of people start receiving the shots, experts will not know about rare and potentially dangerous side effects.”

Did WHO engineer the Swine Flu virus in the first place?  We believe they did.  Here’s what Time says: “The swine flu viruses currently being used to develop a vaccine aren’t producing enough of the ingredient needed for the vaccine, and WHO has asked its laboratory network to produce a new set of viruses [emphasis added – REL] as soon as possible.”,8599,1910166,00.html

Self Shielding is the only meaningful alternative I can see to risking this deadly brew or accepting incarceration.

We are just 62,470 emails short of the 1 million mark telling Congress, State Legislators, Governors, Secretary Sibelius of HHS, Secretary Napolitano of DHS and the White House that we want the right to Self Shield, not take the vaccine or risk incarceration.

One Federal Law already provides for a $250,000 fine and 1 year in jail if you refuse a vaccine in a pandemic emergency.  Of course, the various State Emergency Medical Powers Acts say you have the right to refuse a vaccine – but may be incarcerated if you do.

Take action now! Submit one Action Item for each member of your family, then motivate everyone you know to do the same. Go to, to tell State and Federal Legislators that you demand the right to Self Shield in the event of mandatory Swine Flu vaccinations. We are creating a viable option and we need your help.
Read “Vaccinate to Vacate the Planet” – by Dr. Rima

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