We live in a country that has food producers and processors that are so corrupt that many other countries will not accept our food exports, particularly meat and poultry.  We hear constant warnings in advertisements about not using the advertised drug or food if you are pregnant. How unconscious do they think the American public is? If it’s dangerous enough to kill the unborn child or cause birth defects, how safe can it be for the rest of us? We have to search to find non Genetically Engineered food in the land of plenty.  “Has Politics Contaminated the Food Supply? – New York Times”

Unfortunately this has become a country where big business and big government, the FDA, USDA, are in bed together to refuse to make the food we feed our children safe for human consumption.

“Food industry fights to eliminate cancer warnings for toxic substances in food.” Can there be more self evidence proof of their bottom line motivation and lack of concern for human beings?  “This attack is yet another outrageous attempt by giant food corporations to blind consumers from the truth about hazardous grocery products.”

Years ago I protested the tuna companies for killing dolphins and joined Safe Food for America that was trying to get the government to make the food producers stop treating the ground with chemicals to make potatoes last longer, apples have colorful skins and produce grow faster among other issues in our food supply.  As a young mother of two I couldn’t understand why our food was full of carcinogens in a country with the leading cancer incidence in the world.  There were many organizations even then that were concerned citizens about our nation’s food. Now Safe Food for America is being used for political clout so it is no longer reliable.

Years ago as a realtor I was going to sell an egg farm for two million dollars. Imagine my shock when I heard the owner tell the potential buyers about the horrendous living conditions of the chickens, which he described as high tech, the antibiotics and hormones they were injected with, and the food supply for the animals.  It never occurred to this farmer that all those carcinogenic chemicals were being passed down the food chain to humans to say nothing of the inhumane treatment of the poor animals… or that consumption of animals on antibiotics would build immunities in humans as well as the side effects of continual ingestion of antibiotics. That was a listing I refused to sell, retracting my listing agreement upon returning to the office.

I had an occasion to visit a dairy with a friend who has developed a way to clean up the water supply.  In the anti room of the barn the bags of food for the cows were all clearly marked with chemicals including numerous hormones, antibiotics, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, zinc, niacin, and anionic salts to name a few. We wonder why we have become resistant to antibiotics in our country with our protein supply laded with over fifty types of antibiotics. More alarming was that in the refrigerator were huge hypodermics filled with growth hormones to induce early maturity so the calves would develop into milk producing animals within a few months. And we know that growth hormones are a source of cancer. 

The government must pass legislation and enforce it against the greed of the producers of our food that they have to chemically alter nature so they can see a faster return on their investments.  Not only does the government not care at all that the food suppliers of our country are killing us, they pass legislation protecting the food suppliers. Monsanto Chemical Co., maker of fine poisons such as DDT, agent orange, Roundup and more… spent around half a billion dollars inventing a shot to inject into cows… to force a cow to produce MORE milk (for an already glutted taxpayer subsidized market).
Unfortunately, they created *FIVE* errors in their Frankenstein Posilac (rbGH) shot that direly affected all test animals… but that important report (Richard, Odaglia & Deslex, 1989) has been hidden from everyone under Clinton’s Trade Secrets act.

The chemicals used before and during the processing of milk and milk products are being given to our American children and we can’t understand why so many children have cancer and dozens of other diseases unknown in our parent’s day. And the food cows are fed is also passed down the food chain into the milk on our shelves.

“*ALL* cow’s milk (regular and ‘organic’) has 59 active hormones, scores of allergens, fat, cholesterol… herbicides, pesticides, dioxins (up to 200 times the safe levels), up to 52 powerful antibiotics (perhaps 53, with LS-50), viruses, bacteria,” and other disgusting ingredients.

Speaking of cancer and beef, did you realize that some cows are injected with ACTH, cortisone, a hormone commonly thought to cause cancer, before they are sent to market to blow them up so they weighed more to fetch a higher price.  So not only does the fat clog the arteries but beef is a prime source of cancer because of the greedy intervention of dairy and beef ranchers.

“This description of clean foods corresponds to a subtle undercurrent among some consumer advocacy groups and food marketers who are using the term “clean” to describe foods (especially organic foods) that are “free of industrial chemicals, additives, hormones, growth stimulants, antibiotics and other animal drugs.”

See the article below for a full description of what cows are fed in our country. We now know because of mad cow disease that they are fed ground up cows and other animals, sick ones included. Other countries that are monitoring every mad cow will not accept our exports because the US does not feel it is necessary to check the disease carrying animals except sporadically.

“One-half trillion pounds! [of cow urine] Not to worry, though. The pee is actually filtered into our groundwater, and you can hardly taste it when brushing your teeth. (Perhaps you now understand why water is chlorinated, fluoridated, and disinfected before you turn on your tap.)”

In the world’s most advanced, sophisticated and technologically developed country in the world, its citizens cannot buy food off our grocery shelves without the fear of the fatal disease process beginning in them.  More and more organic food stores are being built and doing well as companies the demand is so high for un-poisoned food.

We used to consider that farm bred fish were much safer than fish from our mercury laded polluted lakes and oceans. This is not the truth. Fish farms are allowed to add growth hormones to the fish food also. And worse, they are allowed to experiment with chemical engineering to produce more fish faster and larger sized than the species were originally intended to be.

You will find some background information on food purveyors and the food chain in our country as well as articles to stimulate further investigation.

“In the minds of consumers “food safety” is a term that designates an “absence of harm” derived from eating foods that are “free of” or “clean” of contaminants, bacteria, or additives that will make themselves or their families sick. In addition, consumers cite repeatedly that food safety means foods that are “properly” produced and processed.

– When describing food safety, consumers use categorical terms to describe foods that are free of bacteria, pesticides, chemicals, disease, additives or contaminants. Categorical terms are much more commonly used than specific disease terms (e.g., “mad cow”) or production terms (e.g. “irradiation”).”

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