You Don’t Know Who You Are

You Don’t Know Who You Are

The Shift Extant

It takes less than a minute to realign with the source energy being that is our true selves…. and thus with Source Energy as in the universe, uncaused cause, God, all that is, which is us by extension.
Since it is the mind of man out of alignment with the matrix that has created the mass reality we are experiencing, it is the mind of man re-aligned with the matrix that will align mass reality with the original blueprint for life in the time space continuum. 
It is our vibrational attunement to Source Energy Frequency that triggers the fulfillment of all that is desired and will re-balance earth’s energy to Cosmic Order. 
There is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of aspects and as soon as a small segment more of consciousness moves in this direction of unity consciousness, mass realization will occur and heaven on earth will ensue.

You are the peace you seek and as soon as your frequencies synchronize with the Universal Frequency of Peace that zero point energy will manifest a never ending harmonic. 

We are sitting on critical mass. You are the field within the Field of Potentiality and as such are creating constantly. The time is now to intentionally create divine right outcomes.

Love is the answer to every question and your divine essence is love. You radiate the light of the world when you resonate your own true self, source beingness.

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