Alignment & Intention Setting for Imagine Peace Gathering


with Panache Desai

November 4th      JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort

Part of the Celebrate Your Life Conference

If you can’t be with us In person, please join us in consciousness.

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Alignment and intention setting session August 28, 2010 without the Cognitive and Emotional Deletion Protocols. Excerpted from the “You Don’t Know Who You Are” chapter of Transform Your Life. 

Begin by counting things without labeling them and breathing deeply with the mouth closed….let us enter into the state where you know you are part of All That Is… and creating all that is at the same time….where healing in consciousness is instantaneous….allowing the breath, the Spirit of God moving through you, to do the work. 

Listening to the heart rhythms and theta brain waves with the eyes closed, continuing to breathe as we set the stage for the alignments you will be making today, knowing that in order to manifest, your multi-level mind must be aligned with your conscious mind intentions.

As you breathe into the creative process, I’m going to review what you know at the highest level about yourselves and the nature of reality.

Whatever you see in the world is a projection of some level of consciousness you are either resisting or rebelling against.

The more you stay aligned and in tune with your Authentic Source Self, the smoother your own transitions and mankind’s transitions will be.

It takes the community of man to change the world and we are sitting on critical mass about to transform consciousness at any moment.

You are here by divine appointment and have gone through many changes to set up the synchronicity between your psyche and the universe’s transformational shift.

As of this day, you are equipped you to bring blessings and relief to the world at large and yourself, remembering that charity begins at home since there is no separation between you and others and what you do for self or against self…is done to all.

During this great reshaping of human consciousness we must work together harmoniously and this will present some exquisite learning opportunities for us all. 

The era of doing everything ourselves is over. As we drive the world toward the cooperation principle and release the competition principle, whatever transformations necessary to take place in you, will take place….and you are grateful.

This is the time for the language of compromise, consideration, receptivity to opinions, respect for feelings, and honoring viewpoints. There is abundant grace available to do this.

It is time for all of us to balance our body mind spirit bringing it into harmonic resonance with the divine matrix for the universe….that dwells within us.

And you are willing….willingness being the cosmic grease that carries our intentions through to completion.

So today we are deliberately aligning our attention with our intention…knowing that we are fields within the field of possibilities and as soon as you place your intention into the field, it is done in consciousness. You only job is to get out of the universe’s way by detaching from the outcome and the means to the outcome knowing everything is in divine right order.

In order to manifest instantly, creating must be done in the state of pure  awareness, source self, without doubts, reservations, ego, fears, worries or negativity of any kind.

You know that as source energy beings, whatever you focus on manifests… negative or positive….due to the law of attraction’s universal resonance that matches the frequencies your mind sends out.

If you’re worrying about it …you’re creating it…if you’re afraid of any aspect of it, you are drawing it to yourself. Energy is energy and it always manifests the object of its attention.

Therefore… as we gather together to set our intention for the optimum blessing enlightenment, and alignment for all souls on the planet through the vibrations of wisdom, grace, understanding, empathy, love, and peaceful resolutions, we commit today to delete anything unlike this intention within ourselves so that it may be done.

Repeat to yourselves the intention with which you are aligning….

Our intention is for the optimum blessing, enlightenment, and alignment for all souls on the planet through the vibrations of grace, understanding, compassion, love, and the empathy of unity consciousness as peaceful resolutions flow freely from the Imagine Oneness Gathering.

So let us begin cleaning up our consciousness knowing that as we do so we clean up mass consciousness which is entrained using restructuring deletion protocols.

Restructuring protocols…..And now we will implant restructured programs to replace the deleted ones.

These are the directions for your subconscious minds which will be integrating the deletions and implementing the new programs we installed today. This transformative work will take place during your sleep throughout the following week. Honor it and allow yourself plenty of time for rest and restoration. You have become a new person today with instant access to your divine self and your heart of love.

From this session on.. you are finished with the issues deleted in this session. They are not a part of your consciousness any longer. They are of no concern to you.

So that you can model a peaceful countenance in the midst of the world’s turmoil, let us cleanse the soul of any ill will toward others.

If there’s any forgiveness and releasement you need to do, you find it easier since you now realize….through the grace of God…that there is a broader understanding of “others” that is now being integrated with the wholeness of your body mind soul.

Recall that forgiveness in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke at the crossroads, means to release. Extend this to mean a gift you are giving yourself of releasing yourself from the bonds that tie you to those you have judgment on, and anger or resentment toward. These lower energies are going through your body mind system not the object of your derision.

As of today, you realize “they” did you a favor by bringing up for healing and restructuring error consciousness to be deleted.

You will remember after this session that there is no other, no they, just people acting out roles you have both agreed to play for each other as you co-create your lives on this plane of existence.

You remember that no one is ever doing anything to you…there’s only your own mind on auto create that forgets you’re the one creating it all.   

Continuing to breath and listening to the music and the sound of my voice ….
Repeat to yourself with great feeling this version of the Compassion Exercise:

Just like me, the other person was doing what they thought was right.
Just like me, they are doing the best they know how to do in the moment.
Just like me, they are acting from their current comprehension of the situation.
Just like me, they are finding their way in life.
Just like me, they deserve compassionate understanding instead of judgment.

So forgive and release everyone and anyone blocking the free flow of divine love and kindness from your heart center. As of this session you will remember this trigger and say it frequently throughout the week …smiling your source being smile as you do so. Just blessing them and letting them go.

Every time you think about this session you will remember….You are not anything that you appear to be in your human three dimensional form. You are not the attachments, possessions, or accoutrements of this human self. You are not anything that can be experienced by the five senses including your personality, identities, mistakes, thoughts, beliefs, choices, actions or your past.  

You are …

…an eternal source being with a multi-leveled mind and multi-level consciousness.

…the light of the world, the guru you have been waiting for.

…made in the image of the Creator of the universe ….and as creative intelligence, the unlimited architect of your life.

…the decision maker with the capacity to bring forth from the field of potentiality what ever you put your attention on.

…aware that you are creating constantly and committed to creating intentionally versus creating unintentionally from an unconscious state.

…the child of Unconditional Love with the potential to manifest your heart of love through your divine essence, love.

…realizing that anything unlike love must be healed before you can begin to operate from this Authentic self of love.

…aware that alignment with this Authentic source being self is the purpose of life.

…a field within the Field, alive, awake, and aware in the Field anytime you choose to slip into that aspect of self.

…a being whose compassionate nature is sourced in a unity consciousness that there is only one of us here and thou are they. 

From this session on, you accept responsibility for your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions, and as such you are a person who stays present in the moment….and deliberately focuses your attention on what you want to take place on the planet.

You accept that your higher self, the self before the programming…the self that knows and knows it knows that it is unutterably worthy, whole and complete in its alignment with All That Is, infinitely wise, perfect in every aspect, is the creative intelligence that is constantly manifesting the world we live in.

You commit to create from conscious mind intentions instead of from the error consciousness of your subconscious default settings.

You are intentional about establishing an environment imbued with the highest and best circumstances for all creatures.


Every time you think of this session you will remember…..

To focus your attention on being grateful that god provided you  with these core beliefs and thought patterns so you could delete them and replace them with more holistically compatible ones that serve you and the world.

You remember to say thank you when issues arise because it is in our challenges that we find our spiritual growth and enlightenment.

You realize every experience is part of the process of learning about yourself and how to live life harmoniously, peacefully, and lovingly so that spirit can flow in you, through you, and as you.  

You remember that feelings, being your emotional barometer of how well you are tuned into your real self, and the alignment of feelings with your real self is the job of life.

You remain aware that only you are in charge of how you feel. You remember that you can stop creating what you are feeling or experiencing at any time you choose to, being the sole creator of your life.

And you now create that it is easy for you to stay aligned with your Authentic Self  that intended to source your life and the world’s environment.

Amen and amen and so it is.




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