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Our Responsibility In the Unified Field

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Our Responsibility In the Unified Field

As a field…. Within the Field

Excerpt from Transform Your Life Instantly, 2005  Adele Tartaglia

There is a unity in the universe. There is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of forms and aspects. We are all part of the oneness of all that is. All created things from the plant and animal world to the planet herself are united in the spirit of that which created it all, Universal Mind. And, as a field within the Field of all that is, we have personal responsibilities.

There are no sentient beings in the world that are not permanently affected every time a human kills or tortures another human or animal. To harm one is to harm all. When you harm another form of life you harm yourself for you are that form.

It is energetically being integrated and stored in the cellular memory of all living things to be passed down intergenerationally to our children and the offspring of the animal kingdom. These negative vibrations destroy our sense of peace and harmony and our sense of safety and rightness, leaving us emotionally distraught, hopeless about the future, and fear ridden on subliminal levels. They render our immune systems more viable for disease as we absorb the profound dis-ease of a planet in conflict with its inhabitants, full of hate that kills instead of full of love that creates.

Destructive anti-life thoughts and words disturb the natural flow of life interacting with itself in all its glorious and variant forms of expression. The plants themselves feel the disturbance from miles away when one of their own is mistreated without respect. Can you imagine the large scale turbulence in the energy field caused by destroying a forest or devastating a species which mankind does without a thought?

The inherent love placed in the heart of man as our divine birth right ceases to flow the healing energy of gentle sympathy and care for our fellow man in the atmosphere of a world violating the basic tenants of decency and equanimity. We have shifted the intrinsic order within creation’s blueprint for harmonious energy exchange until it has become so dissonant it fragments particles of reality into disharmonic waves in the time space continuum.

Societal anxiety arises from the inconsistency between our idealized beliefs which are oppositionally inconsistent with our actions. This cognitive dissonance increases as we ignore the plight of the less fortunate and stock pile natural resources, goods and money in the West.

The mindset of destroying instead of creating resonates through our hearts and minds as a feeling of being out of alignment with the schematic for rational management of the world. The laws of nature have been so distorted and manipulated by mankind that freak occurrences unexplainable by science or religion are taking place more frequently. We’re not only melting the ice caps, we are melting the center of peaceful resonance with the environment within the christ consciousness of the human soul.

We’ve become good at ignoring these uncomfortable stirrings we feel when accepting or rationalizing our commitment to war. Our interior unrest is the result of the spiritual self out of sync with universal good will for itself inherent in all of creation made by Beneficence itself.

Frequencies of love are lost, forgotten, and ignored as promptings for greed and power obliterate the balance of the have and the have-nots. The lower level emotions that war and the training for war breeds in the psyche of man, the terror, hate, hopelessness, and destructive mentality are incapable of tuning in to the higher frequencies of loving kindness, compassion, empathy and largess. The mind and heart of man cannot take two diametrically opposed emotional positions at the same time and maintain its stability or sanity. Nor can it be rationally inclined to follow conditioning of a soldier and the conditioning of its childhood at the same time. The youth of the world finding themselves in utter chaos and devastation cannot afford to stay in touch with their loving and empathetic nature and Golden Rule standards. For those whose disconnect is incomplete, post traumatic stress disorder is standard.

There can be no classification of thought, action, behavior, movement, law, or cause good when it is merely good for the individual but deleterious for the masses. What brings even one soul to the brink of despair, starvation, or devastation cannot be labeled a worthwhile endeavor. When one feels something, all feel the same thing at the same time on a structural level, whether they are able to identify it or not and no matter how accomplished they are at denying and sublimating it.

But there comes a time when we must become personally honest, extraordinarily real and face the truth of what we have made of the community of man and the energy of the milieu he lives in.

By offering our loving prayers, forgiving thoughts and unity consciousness meditations as we continue to visualize peaceful reconciliation throughout the brotherhood of man, we alter the very quantum particles that are creating the reality in which we are living.

By refusing to stand by silently as more and more inequity reigns in the world, the mindset of helplessness with be lifted.

By raising our own frequency output to the highest vibratory rate, love, the subsequent quality of energy demonstrations on the planet lifts with each visualization of the highest and best outcome for all concerned, not just for us on a personal level. We at once become aligned and integral to the divine matrix for life on the planet.

The more of mass consciousness that deliberately aligns their frequencies with their higher self, their Authentic source self, and the persistence with which they do so has the potential to transmute the entire energy field being transmitted by the human mind.

When one of us heals on a personal level, mass consciousness heals on a collective level. The mind of man is entrained and coherent with all of humanity. In a heightened state of sensitivity, psychic resonance can entrain the mind to the animal and plant world and merge with it. It is always exchanging information and energy through the frequencies emanating from it, either deliberately for beneficial outcomes or randomly without intention as to their effect, with the mind of the universe. This is the effect of being the field within the Field.

With intention, the mind’s intelligence and the heart’s intelligence can be entrained to the Mind and the Heart of Creation itself. And when they are, all are unified in and through the Sacred Heart that loved enough to create and sustain all that is.

Transform Your Life Instantly: Make Your Mind Work For You Instead of Against You © 2005, Adele Tartaglia
Gifts From the Father: God’s Plan for His Children’s Happiness © 1999, Adele Tartaglia
Principles of Causality© 1991, Adele Tartaglia

Alignment & Intention Setting for Imagine Peace Gathering

Saturday, September 4th, 2010


with Panache Desai

November 4th      JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort

Part of the Celebrate Your Life Conference

If you can’t be with us In person, please join us in consciousness.

REGISTER HERE!/pages/IMAGINE-GATHERING/331835661602?ref=ts


Alignment and intention setting session August 28, 2010 without the Cognitive and Emotional Deletion Protocols. Excerpted from the “You Don’t Know Who You Are” chapter of Transform Your Life. 

Begin by counting things without labeling them and breathing deeply with the mouth closed….let us enter into the state where you know you are part of All That Is… and creating all that is at the same time….where healing in consciousness is instantaneous….allowing the breath, the Spirit of God moving through you, to do the work. 

Listening to the heart rhythms and theta brain waves with the eyes closed, continuing to breathe as we set the stage for the alignments you will be making today, knowing that in order to manifest, your multi-level mind must be aligned with your conscious mind intentions.

As you breathe into the creative process, I’m going to review what you know at the highest level about yourselves and the nature of reality.

Whatever you see in the world is a projection of some level of consciousness you are either resisting or rebelling against.

The more you stay aligned and in tune with your Authentic Source Self, the smoother your own transitions and mankind’s transitions will be.

It takes the community of man to change the world and we are sitting on critical mass about to transform consciousness at any moment.

You are here by divine appointment and have gone through many changes to set up the synchronicity between your psyche and the universe’s transformational shift.

As of this day, you are equipped you to bring blessings and relief to the world at large and yourself, remembering that charity begins at home since there is no separation between you and others and what you do for self or against self…is done to all.

During this great reshaping of human consciousness we must work together harmoniously and this will present some exquisite learning opportunities for us all. 

The era of doing everything ourselves is over. As we drive the world toward the cooperation principle and release the competition principle, whatever transformations necessary to take place in you, will take place….and you are grateful.

This is the time for the language of compromise, consideration, receptivity to opinions, respect for feelings, and honoring viewpoints. There is abundant grace available to do this.

It is time for all of us to balance our body mind spirit bringing it into harmonic resonance with the divine matrix for the universe….that dwells within us.

And you are willing….willingness being the cosmic grease that carries our intentions through to completion.

So today we are deliberately aligning our attention with our intention…knowing that we are fields within the field of possibilities and as soon as you place your intention into the field, it is done in consciousness. You only job is to get out of the universe’s way by detaching from the outcome and the means to the outcome knowing everything is in divine right order.

In order to manifest instantly, creating must be done in the state of pure  awareness, source self, without doubts, reservations, ego, fears, worries or negativity of any kind.

You know that as source energy beings, whatever you focus on manifests… negative or positive….due to the law of attraction’s universal resonance that matches the frequencies your mind sends out.

If you’re worrying about it …you’re creating it…if you’re afraid of any aspect of it, you are drawing it to yourself. Energy is energy and it always manifests the object of its attention.

Therefore… as we gather together to set our intention for the optimum blessing enlightenment, and alignment for all souls on the planet through the vibrations of wisdom, grace, understanding, empathy, love, and peaceful resolutions, we commit today to delete anything unlike this intention within ourselves so that it may be done.

Repeat to yourselves the intention with which you are aligning….

Our intention is for the optimum blessing, enlightenment, and alignment for all souls on the planet through the vibrations of grace, understanding, compassion, love, and the empathy of unity consciousness as peaceful resolutions flow freely from the Imagine Oneness Gathering.

So let us begin cleaning up our consciousness knowing that as we do so we clean up mass consciousness which is entrained using restructuring deletion protocols.

Restructuring protocols…..And now we will implant restructured programs to replace the deleted ones.

These are the directions for your subconscious minds which will be integrating the deletions and implementing the new programs we installed today. This transformative work will take place during your sleep throughout the following week. Honor it and allow yourself plenty of time for rest and restoration. You have become a new person today with instant access to your divine self and your heart of love.

From this session on.. you are finished with the issues deleted in this session. They are not a part of your consciousness any longer. They are of no concern to you.

So that you can model a peaceful countenance in the midst of the world’s turmoil, let us cleanse the soul of any ill will toward others.

If there’s any forgiveness and releasement you need to do, you find it easier since you now realize….through the grace of God…that there is a broader understanding of “others” that is now being integrated with the wholeness of your body mind soul.

Recall that forgiveness in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke at the crossroads, means to release. Extend this to mean a gift you are giving yourself of releasing yourself from the bonds that tie you to those you have judgment on, and anger or resentment toward. These lower energies are going through your body mind system not the object of your derision.

As of today, you realize “they” did you a favor by bringing up for healing and restructuring error consciousness to be deleted.

You will remember after this session that there is no other, no they, just people acting out roles you have both agreed to play for each other as you co-create your lives on this plane of existence.

You remember that no one is ever doing anything to you…there’s only your own mind on auto create that forgets you’re the one creating it all.   

Continuing to breath and listening to the music and the sound of my voice ….
Repeat to yourself with great feeling this version of the Compassion Exercise:

Just like me, the other person was doing what they thought was right.
Just like me, they are doing the best they know how to do in the moment.
Just like me, they are acting from their current comprehension of the situation.
Just like me, they are finding their way in life.
Just like me, they deserve compassionate understanding instead of judgment.

So forgive and release everyone and anyone blocking the free flow of divine love and kindness from your heart center. As of this session you will remember this trigger and say it frequently throughout the week …smiling your source being smile as you do so. Just blessing them and letting them go.

Every time you think about this session you will remember….You are not anything that you appear to be in your human three dimensional form. You are not the attachments, possessions, or accoutrements of this human self. You are not anything that can be experienced by the five senses including your personality, identities, mistakes, thoughts, beliefs, choices, actions or your past.  

You are …

…an eternal source being with a multi-leveled mind and multi-level consciousness.

…the light of the world, the guru you have been waiting for.

…made in the image of the Creator of the universe ….and as creative intelligence, the unlimited architect of your life.

…the decision maker with the capacity to bring forth from the field of potentiality what ever you put your attention on.

…aware that you are creating constantly and committed to creating intentionally versus creating unintentionally from an unconscious state.

…the child of Unconditional Love with the potential to manifest your heart of love through your divine essence, love.

…realizing that anything unlike love must be healed before you can begin to operate from this Authentic self of love.

…aware that alignment with this Authentic source being self is the purpose of life.

…a field within the Field, alive, awake, and aware in the Field anytime you choose to slip into that aspect of self.

…a being whose compassionate nature is sourced in a unity consciousness that there is only one of us here and thou are they. 

From this session on, you accept responsibility for your beliefs, thoughts, words and actions, and as such you are a person who stays present in the moment….and deliberately focuses your attention on what you want to take place on the planet.

You accept that your higher self, the self before the programming…the self that knows and knows it knows that it is unutterably worthy, whole and complete in its alignment with All That Is, infinitely wise, perfect in every aspect, is the creative intelligence that is constantly manifesting the world we live in.

You commit to create from conscious mind intentions instead of from the error consciousness of your subconscious default settings.

You are intentional about establishing an environment imbued with the highest and best circumstances for all creatures.


Every time you think of this session you will remember…..

To focus your attention on being grateful that god provided you  with these core beliefs and thought patterns so you could delete them and replace them with more holistically compatible ones that serve you and the world.

You remember to say thank you when issues arise because it is in our challenges that we find our spiritual growth and enlightenment.

You realize every experience is part of the process of learning about yourself and how to live life harmoniously, peacefully, and lovingly so that spirit can flow in you, through you, and as you.  

You remember that feelings, being your emotional barometer of how well you are tuned into your real self, and the alignment of feelings with your real self is the job of life.

You remain aware that only you are in charge of how you feel. You remember that you can stop creating what you are feeling or experiencing at any time you choose to, being the sole creator of your life.

And you now create that it is easy for you to stay aligned with your Authentic Self  that intended to source your life and the world’s environment.

Amen and amen and so it is.




You Don’t Know Who You Are

Monday, June 21st, 2010

You Don’t Know Who You Are

The Shift Extant

It takes less than a minute to realign with the source energy being that is our true selves…. and thus with Source Energy as in the universe, uncaused cause, God, all that is, which is us by extension.
Since it is the mind of man out of alignment with the matrix that has created the mass reality we are experiencing, it is the mind of man re-aligned with the matrix that will align mass reality with the original blueprint for life in the time space continuum. 
It is our vibrational attunement to Source Energy Frequency that triggers the fulfillment of all that is desired and will re-balance earth’s energy to Cosmic Order. 
There is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of aspects and as soon as a small segment more of consciousness moves in this direction of unity consciousness, mass realization will occur and heaven on earth will ensue.

You are the peace you seek and as soon as your frequencies synchronize with the Universal Frequency of Peace that zero point energy will manifest a never ending harmonic. 

We are sitting on critical mass. You are the field within the Field of Potentiality and as such are creating constantly. The time is now to intentionally create divine right outcomes.

Love is the answer to every question and your divine essence is love. You radiate the light of the world when you resonate your own true self, source beingness.


Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Ed Hale and church group building a church in Columbia for the displaced…excerpts from his trip log… Read it all…

Some facts: the building that we are erecting here in this small village is the very first Methodist Church that has ever been built in the country of Colombia. There are only two other Methodist churches in the entire country. Both rented spaces and neither real churches with a steeple or anything like that. Just plain old ordinary buildings. So we are building the very first Methodist Chuch in this country. That is a very powerful feeling. Both to us and to the people here in this country and especially in this community. Another thing I learned is that the church that I belong to in New York is funding the entire project. Think about that for a moment. This strange community on the other end of the planet is having an entire church, rectory, and community center built for them – the first in their country’s history – paid for entirely by a few hundred people in New York City. Just plain old ordinary Americans who live in Manhattan are donating any free money they have to provide this impoverished little village with this giant edifice that will hopefully supply them so many things over the next few decades… I contemplated this fact today while walking around the work site. thought about all the things that a church could provide a people so wanting in so many ways. A place to worship their version of God together, a place to foster community, even an idea as simple as just “a place to come to on a regular basis for years” if they so desire, everyday if they want to, a place to learn, to volunteer, to meet future friends and spouses. A place that will provide them with teachers and mentors and others who truly care. A place to help them with medical needs, emergency needs, education for their children, and even just entertainment. Really made me think about how we can take these things for granted in the States back home because we have so many churches. We also have televisions and other distractions that perhaps lead us into not even recognizing the power and importance that a church can have in our lives if we start going to one now and then. For a people like this, here now, without the basic things we take for granted in the Western world such as indoor plumbing or kitchen appliances or electricty or decent schools, a church can be a very powerful and positive force for good in their lives and in the lives of their children and grandchildren to come.

Yesterday we celebrated their church service with them. They worship on Saturday nights here in Colombia, instead of Sunday mornings (imgaine that in the US!) and the pastor of thier little chuch – which is actually the pastor’s house – which is actually nothing more than a seven by seven concrete room adjacent to thousands of others (picture army baracks painted various colors such as pink and purple and red and yellow stretching up and down for miles as far as the eye can see) led this service. I am getting very tired so will keep this brief. He had a tough time keeping it together emotionally as he looked out at these twenty-three strangers’ faces staring back at him. All of us from New York in the United States here in his little village working our butts off for ten days in the hot sun… and more than that knowing that after will come another team, and then another, and then another, until this building is completely erected and fully functional. The man just couldn’t come to terms with it. Who could? In that position? I felt for him.

I really felt what that must feel like. How can one possibly show how much appreciation one has in a situation like that to the people who are helping you and your community? He told us that he had prayed and prayed to find some way to express his gratitude. And all he could do was to profess to us with tears pouring and leaping out of his eyes that he is so inspired by our efforts personally – as a man and a fellow human being – that he was commiting himself to spend “every day every hour every minute every second of the rest of his life to attempting to give back the way that he felt that we were giving to him and his village. And then he sang to us. Acapella. Just him standing there singing by himself, smiling and crying, as a gift to us. A present from him to us as a way of showing thanks. Of course there wasn’t a dry eye under that tent in that moment. It was one of those transcendent moments that one never forgets. I personally can still see his big beautiful brown eyes filled with joy and tears and a little bit of fear that he may never be able to give back enough in his life to satisfy how grateful he felt in that moment and feels today and will feel tomorrow and for years to come I’m sure. It was a pure bliss moment for everyone and well worth the trip and the hard work.

It was then that I knew why we were there. And why I was there. Why I am here. Still. Typing away while the others are at dinner. For it is these moments that make the difference between being alive or thriving. Between making it or making the most of it. So I madly type away as quickly as I can with nothing but going to sleep on my mind because I have nothing but inspiration and joy and gratitude in my heart for this experience. And to think that maybe we can gather just one or two more persons into this world of giving to others… the possibilities are endless for us if more and more of us catch the fever of selfless service to others. (though I hesitate to write these words for so many reasons. Firstly because I do not believe that giving to others is selfless. I find it very selfish in fact because one gets so much more than one receives. The greatest treasure bought on the most expensive vacation that the world has to offer gives us nothing compared to what we get when we go on any kind of trip like this – even if it just for the day or a few hours even giving to others. I have spent my whole life trying both. I have raced my convertible turbo-powered  BMW down I-395 in Miami Beach going one-hundred and twenty miles an hour and felt fantastic with that wind blwing through my hair and all that goes with it. I have also attempted to feel good through living the msot lavish lifestyle money could afford by pampering myself with everything from weekly massages, manicures, chiropractic visits, hot tubs, $100 plates of truffle pasta, and thousand dollar shopping sprees. And these are damn fine things. Damn fine. But they just don’t give back to the heart in that visceral life-altering way that service to others does. I wish they did. Life would be easier. But they do not. And this is why I say that giving to others is a selfish thing to do. Because we just always walk away feeling as though we got more than we gave.) The point to take away though is that if each of us committed to dedicating at least one week of every year of our lives, and I’m thinking of everyone here, even those of us in the absolute most dire circumstances, I get the feeling that life on planet earth for human beings would be a much different experience. For all of us. Much better that is.

I don’t believe this is too far fetched of an idea. For, as many, I have noticed us trending in this direction for some time. Especially in the last five to ten years. It is only a matter of time. Life may indeed be an absurd masquerade ball disgused as a circus dressed up like a Greek Comic Tragedy most of the time, but it also seems to be interspersed with small miracles every now and then along the way. What if we started attempting to create more and more miracles in our shared lives together deliberatly? The possiblities


Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Reflections by Deepak Chopra July 2006

Delving in consciousness as bombs fall and hatred grows

Change doesn’t start on the surface

Societies get into the grip of their own self-created story.

Let us resist the lure of dualities.

Love is the only point of departure for intelligent action.

We cannot simply pursue without reflection the same thing that didn’t work

Change doesn’t start on the surface

This has been true throughout history. If Buddhism can begin with one person and Christianity with twelve, let us not think in terms of numbers and odds. It may sound grandiose to compare ourselves to great spiritual guides, but we act collectively, as an alliance. Our strength comes from critical mass.

We aren’t here to make the world evolve.

We are here to evolve as individuals and then to spread that influence.

In the wisdom tradition of Vedanta, the stream of evolution is known in Sanskrit as Dharma, from a root verb that means ‘to uphold.’ This gives us a clue how to live: the easiest way for us to grow is to align ourselves with Dharma.

We don’t have to struggle to grow–that would be unproductive, in fact. The Dharma has always favored non-violence. If we can bring ourselves to a state of non-violence, and connect with others who are doing the same thing, we have done a huge thing to reinforce Dharma.

“If we could know the secret history of our enemies we would find in each persons life enough suffering and sorrow to disarm all hostilities.” –Longfellow-


Human Forum; The Faces of Courage (Puerto Rico, 7-9 December, 2006)

Dear Friends of the Alliance,

What happens when we are delving deep into the nature of our consciousness, while our collective subconscious erupts with rage and violence in the Middle East?

I felt myself asking, “Is it realistic to hope for a new humanity?” As I look at the faces of people yearning for true peace (not just the absence of war) and feel their presence, any sense of helplessness diminishes, because I am looking at the seeds of the new humanity.

These are caring, compassionate, loving, people engaged in personal transformation. There are many all over the world, if only they could be connected. If only we could reach critical mass as soon as humanly possible.

But the immediate question for everyone of us is “What can I do now?”

I would like to share my reflections with all of you in this time of war. These are not original insights. They have been part of wisdom traditions for a long, long time. I deeply honor the sentiments of those of you who favor social activism, but that approach has been tried over and over again without great success. I believe at the core of my being that only a consciousness-based approach will work.

Societies get into the grip of their own self-created story.

It’s helpful to realize that we can choose not to participate in that story. Realize that national and tribal stories are limited, self-serving, based on the past, reinforced by orthodoxy, and therefore opposed to real change. Stories are incredibly persuasive. Wars are fueled by victimization that runs deep, for example. So let us not try to change anyone’s story. Let us only notice and observe ourselves when we buy into it and then let us back away from participating in it.

Let us not demand of ourselves that we alone must be the agent of change. In a fire brigade everyone passes along a bucket, but only the last person puts out the fire. None of us know where we stand in line. We may be here simply to pass a bucket; we may be called on to play a major role. In either case, all we can do is think, act, and say. Let us direct our thoughts, words, and actions to peace. That is all we can do. Let the results be what they will be.

Let us realize that engagement and detachment aren’t opposite–the more engaged we become, the more detached we will have to be. Otherwise, we will lose ourselves in conflict, obsessiveness, anxiety over the future, and feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Keep in mind that we are pioneers into the unknown, and uncertainty is our ally. When our minds want closure, certainty, and finality, let us remind ourselves that these are fictions. Our joyous moments will come from riding the wave, not asking to get off at the next station.

Most misery is born of failed expectations so let us learn to minimize expectations so that we will feel far less guilt and disappointment. We aren’t here to be good or perfect. We are here as the antennas for signals from the future. We are here to be midwives to something that wants to be born. Good people have preceded us. They solved some problems and created others. As one wise teacher said, “You aren’t here to be as good as possible. You are here to be as real as possible.

I know this sound difficult, but let us try to be tolerant of intolerance. This is a hard one at times, but if you try the opposite–showing a hard heart against those with hard hearts of their own — all we’ve done is expand the problem. It’s helpful (but often difficult) to remember that everyone is doing the best they can form their own level of consciousness. Trying to talk a terrorist out of his beliefs is like trying to persuade a lion to be a vegetarian. All we can realistically do is seek openings for higher awareness.

Let us resist the lure of dualities.

These include us versus them, civilized versus barbarians, good versus evil. The good, civilized people of Europe managed to kill millions of themselves, along with millions of “them.” In reality we are all in the same boat of human conflict and confusion. Sometimes it helps to admit that the doctor is not far from being a patient.

Let’s create an atmosphere of peace around ourselves. Imagine that we are like a mother whose children come home crying about fights at school. Would it be her job to soothe their wounds or to arm them for fighting back tomorrow? Simplistic as it may sound, the male principle of aggression can only be healed by the feminine principle of nurturing and love.

Mahatma Gandhi spoke the truth when he said “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” We are units of consciousness, and the world is our projection. If there are enough units of peace consciousness and they connected with each other to reach critical mass, we could heal the world by healing ourselves.

A conscious change of heart is one of the most concrete things the world can ever see, a change of heart can change the world, whereas dutiful combative stances can only increase our agonies.

While caught up in a conflictive situation keep out there in the midst of it all doing what you do best:

Do not be discouraged, but know that there are people all over the world who support you, one day there will be so many that everyone will see peace.

Love is the only point of departure for intelligent action.

Reactionary activism based on blame and self’-righteousness leads us to perpetual strife, as we accumulate vengeful and judgmental postures.

There is war and suffering in life, it has always been there, now in the present news from the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Guatemala, Congo, Somalia, etc. But it is really everywhere, as we have forgotten who we really are, and have failed to exercise the charity of forgiveness of ourselves and others.

How can we overcome this strife? -By overcoming hatred-. How can we overcome hatred? -By releasing love-. How can we release love? -By growing in consciousness, which means consideration, forgiveness, understanding, -an awareness of our common being. And this applies to collective, social, family, and individual conflicts.

Lets not become impatient for concrete solutions alone.

As we engage in dialogue among ourselves to find the solutions to our immediate problems, some of us with warplanes and missiles flying overhead, become truly desperate for concrete strategies, and concrete results.

But lets ask ourselves: did millions marching for peace across American and Europe before the Iraq war prevent it? Did the peace treaties negotiated by President Clinton between the Palestinians and Israelis achieve anything? Has all the negotiation and conflict resolution by responsible, intelligent, sincere diplomats affected the estimated 35 wars that are now going on simultaneously in the world? Has all the moral outrage prevented the ethnic cleansing and genocide in Sudan, Ethiopia, or Gujarat? Has the hundreds of billions of dollars of aid to developing nations overcome poverty?

We cannot simply pursue without reflection the same thing that didn’t work

Maybe personal transformation (including the longing for personal transformation) can contribute towards a lasting and radical solution. Why don’t we give peace a chance by engaging in something seemingly not so “concrete” like participating in the creation of peace consciousness?

We can and must do whatever is in our reach to put out the fires. Yes, let us bring the buckets of water and dig the trenches to contain the forest fires we have started, but if we do not stop smoking, we would not have addressed the root cause that gives continuous rise to the fire. So although we must raise our voices and coordinate our actions as our hearts demand to counteract conflagrations like the one in the Middle East and Iraq and put pressure on our leaders to act fast to bring peace, we must not diminish our first order of sustained priority, that of addressing the root cause of all our social and individual hassle and pain – our ignorance and the healing our own selfishness.

And this quest applies to all, the so called spiritual leaders, the seekers, the social workers activists and everyone, for all, no matter what role we play, we all are longing for love and peace, for greater understanding.

Peace can only be created by those who are peaceful.

I cannot honesty claim that I have achieved peace of mind, but because I am at least trying to go beyond my personal melodrama, it is my hope that I may be capable of seeing things in perspective. I think longing for peace may itself be the beginning to bring about a new birth of awareness.

To be part of the gestation process is just as necessary as any other stage. As Rumi said in one of his poems, “Our longing and our helplessness are the way”.

Let’s meet as people who have nothing in common except our helplessness and our own peace of mind.

It’s worth celebrating that we are not emotionally drawn into the concept of war as a “solution” when the rest of the world is. Maybe it is worthwhile to invite the world into a new era–showing humanity the face of peace.

I have no doubt that millions will watch us and say, “That’s me, too.”

I do not want to convey a sense of pacifism.

Consciousness isn’t passive. In itself it’s always moving, changing, creating and affecting change. Activism that works for change on the surface often winds up being just a counterforce–it’s the opposite side of a tug of war.

The situation in the Middle East right now, for example is rife with action. It’s rife with opposition. Is there a choice that didn’t involve increasing tension? Of course, we all support humanitarian relief, peace negotiations, etc. this world has always been full of good, well-intentioned people who devote themselves to social change. And for many, this work is their personal path of evolution.

Yet the world remains a sinkhole of poverty, famine, war, crime, and despair. Goodness hasn’t changed the situation; activism has ameliorated it, at best.

When doing more of the same thing doesn’t work, I think it’s time to consider the deeper wound, which is at the level of consciousness.

There is action to be taken in consciousness, even though it may be subtle action.

Love, Deepak

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Wednesday, July 15th, 2009


By Larry Snyder aka Peace Eagle, 2004

Humanity as we have known it is on the verge of a major paradigm shift.  This paradigm shift is on the magnitude that humanity went through when we moved from the hunting and gathering people to people who lived, worked  in, and created cities.

The driving force behind this shift was provided by NASA in 1972.  This  was the year humanity received its first picture of our earth home from outer space.  This was the year that the ideas of a nation state started to end  and people of planet earth started to understand on a subconscious level that our planet was part of great interdependent system.  This is also the time that humanity started to realize on a subconscious level that the  idea of duality was an obsolete idea and that humanity and all of Gods creation  is also interdependent.  At this time the people trapped in the old paradigm of duality started to aggressively work to maintain their perceived control over the people of planet earth.

This paradigm shift is affecting all government, religious, social, business, and cultural organizations presently on planet earth.  The  uniting force behind this shift is the individual members of humanity’s desire to understand themselves and how the individual relates to the rest of humanity.  In short the individual wants to know and understand what it means to be a human being not a human doing.

In the world of duality we have been taught to be human doings not human beings.  The more I do and the more things I get the happier I should be. This is not what humanity is experiencing at this time in our evolution. What humanity is experiencing is that the harder I work and the more things I get the less time have to spend with my family, friends, and myself.  We have achieved a higher quality of life on the physical level and have lowered the quality of life on the spiritual level.  This is why the  institutions responsible for creating our materialistic society will fail. The failure will come because these institutions have dehumanized society and the people that live within this society.

The paradigm shift humanity is experiencing is a spiritual shift.  This shift is from one of duality to one  of interconnectedness and interdependence.  The first phase of this shift is happing on the physical level.  We are presently experiencing this interconnection and
interdependence in our banking, business, manufacturing, and communication systems.

The next phase will be on the spiritual level.  Humanity will live and think as an interconnected and interdependent people under the laws of one God. This will be end of the laws of man.

The uniting feature for this shift is coming out of the study of human thought.  Each human being is the creator of their own individual reality through their action that follows their thoughts.  Human being can have two types of thoughts, one type is creative and the other is destructive.  If a thought is creative, that thought will have a positive energy attached to  it.  If a thought is destructive, that thought will have a negative energy attached to it.  If we look at thought from a spiritual point of view, we  begin to understand that positive thoughts are attached to the energy of Love, and negative thoughts are attached to the energy of Fear.

The idea of human thought is the Golden Rule found in ten of the World’s Greatest Religions.


“Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”


 “Do not unto others what you would not they should do unto you”


“In five ways should a clansman minister to his friends and familiars —  by generosity, courtesy and benevolence, by treating them as he treats himself, and by being as good as his word.”


 “Do not to others, which, if done to thee, would cause thee pain.”


“No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves  for himself.”


 “As thou deemest thyself so deem others.  Then shalt thou become a partner  in heaven.”


 “What is hurtful to yourself, do not to your fellow man.”


 “In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, we should regard all  creatures as we regard our own self.”


“That nature only is good when it shall not do unto another whatever is not good for its own self.”


 “Regard your neighbor’s gain as your own gain and regard your neighbor’s loss as your own loss.”

The question is, when will humanity open their collective eyes and hearts to see the interconnectedness and interdependence of all world religions.

The major spiritual shift will come when humanity fully understands the  idea of One God and each human being possesses all of the attributes of this One God.  Humanity will also understand that all the attributes of this One God are connected to the Love God has for all of Gods children.  When this is  realized humanity will experience heaven is here on earth.

When this will this happen?  The answer to the question is when humanity shifts its thoughts from Fear to Love.  Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  Love is Luminance Organism Vibrating Eternally.

What am I doing to create this new reality?  I have defined my five most  important attributes of God.  These attributes are Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.  In the morning when I awake, and at night before I go  to sleep, I perform the following visioning process.

I place myself in a quite state of mind and relax.

I visualize filling my being with Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

I fill my home with Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

I fill my city with Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

I fill my County with Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

I fill my State with Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

I fill the United States of America with Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

I fill our world with Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

I fill our universe with Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

I fill all of Gods creation with Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

I visualize all of Gods creation in Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light  and realize that there is only one God and One creation and we are all ONE.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to my brother George W. Bush, President of the United States of America

 I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to my brother Richard B. Cheney, Vice President of the United States of America.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters who work in the Executive Branch of the Government of the United States of America.

 I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to my brothers and sisters who work in the Legislative Branch of the Government of the United States of America.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to my brothers and sisters who work in the Judicial Branch of the Government of the United States of America.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to my brothers and sisters who work in the Department of Defense within the Government of the United States of America.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters  working on the congressional bill to create the United States Department of Peace.  I visualize this bill being accepted by all branches of the Government of the United States of America and our country being the guiding light to achieving world peace.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to the Country of Afghanistan. I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters living in the Country of Afghanistan, and to my brother and sisters visiting the Country of Afghanistan.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to the Country of Iraq.  I  send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters living  in the Country of Iraq, and to my brother and sisters visiting the Country of Iraq.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to the Country of Iran.  I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brother and sisters living  in the Country of Iran, and to my brother and sisters visiting the Country of Iran.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to the State of Israel.  I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters living  in the State of Israel, and to my brother and sisters visiting the State of Israel.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to the Country of North Korea.  I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters  living in Country of North Korea, and to my brother and sisters visiting the Country of North Korea.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to the Country of Sudan.  I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters living  in Country of Sudan, and to my brother and sisters visiting the Country of  Sudan.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to the Country of Ukraine.  I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters  living in Country of Ukraine, and to my brother and sisters visiting the Country of Ukraine.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to the Country of Haiti.  I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters living  in Country of Haiti, and to my brother and sisters visiting the Country of  Haiti.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to our world.  I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters living in our world, and to my brothers and sisters visiting our world.

I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all of Gods creation.  I send Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all my brothers and sisters living within Gods creation.

As I travel in my day-to-day activities I fill my being with Peace, Love,  Joy, Harmony, and Light and visualize emitting Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to all of Gods creation.

 When I enter a new space I fill the space with Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

As I sit at my desk to complete this writing I realize that to day is December 21, 2004 the day of the Winter Solstice.  I think about Winter asthe season to contemplate Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Spring is the time to create new beginnings.  Summer is the time to cultivate and to grow.  Fall  is time to harvest the rewards from the energy expended during Spring and Summer.  Winter is also a time to contemplate the new beginning I desire  to create in the Spring of my next life cycle.

I also realize that the first day of Winter is a few days before the Christians of the world celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ.  Springis also a time when this blessed one showed all of humanity his  transformation from a simple human being to the resurrection of his true spiritual  identity.  This is true spiritual identity that is in all of humanity and in all of Gods creation.

As I close this writing I also realize that I am writing only to myself and I am sharing the inner most Love I have for myself and the rest of theworld.  It is not important to me that you agree or disagree with my  ideas. It is important that you accept this writing and its ideas with Love for sharing Love is my inner most intent.  In the words of another blessed one, Mother Teresa.

You see, in the final analysis, it is all between you and God;  It is never between you and them anyway.

During this Winter season I ask you to contemplate performing this  visualization, or a modified version of this visualization.  If enough
beings perform this visualization we will resurrect our planet and humanity into it our true spiritual identity.  An identity that’s creation is based on Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light.

If you would like to transform yourself and the world you live in into a  world of Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light, I invite you to join me in performing this visualization.  I also invite you to invite your friends to join in this visualization.

I will be performing this visualizing until its goal is achieved or I  transcend my human form.  I am a very patient person.

Please feel free to distribute this visualization far and wide.  If you choose to join me please send me an e-mail at

 May We Become The Peace We Want Our World To Be;

Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony, and Light to All;

Larry Snyder aka Peace Eagle