Power Shift Away from Powerful Elite

In June 2011, the power shift will moved away from the wealthy and to the broad mass of people and their concerns. This will be apparent in every area of life acoss the globe. Accordingly there will high emotional overtones, mass confusions, upheaval, economic repercussions and major adjustments.

Although mass confusion will escalate as well as the violence as things sort out, there will be upsides to the economy, a widening back of universal perspectives, alignment with the matrix blueprint,  as we move away from business as usual at the cost of the masses and merge into the ‘what’s for the highest and best for all creation’ paradigm. 
This upheaval was as expected during this most momentous shift in evolution and there is the problem…expectations create reality so our job as aware fully present souls is to delete our expectation that this power shift takes the form havoc, violence, confusion and pandemonium and see it as a critical mass morphic field shift in consciousness that unfolds smoothly and gently.
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