The Art of Detachment

Well I certainly got attached to the political arena there last week didn’t I? I apologize for that friends and thank you for your indulgence. We’re here to unite humanity not separate it from some fear based belief. I slipped out of the flow of remembering that divine right order is in place as we move through the greatest evolutionary stage mankind has ever known and the most momentous transformation of sociological economic political and spiritual systems in the history of the world.

As we shift into spiritual awareness and out of attachment to material reality we knew there would be upheavals, startling revelations, and challenging events as we moved into the new phase of equitable treatment for all the inhabitants of our planet and mother earth herself.

Man’s consciousness is becoming adept at deliberately creating beneficial and beneficent conditions through the sheer realization that made in the Image, he is inherently empowered to end nonaligned beliefs and events   by staying focused on divine right outcomes.

As his spiritual perception expands and his states of awareness become more frequent, he spends less time unconscious and more time conscious and intentional about what is taking place within him and around him.

Everything unlike what we are trying to create as a body of one united in spirit, such as compassion, empathy, and a deep commitment to systems that serve every soul created deserving of all good things, must come up to be examined and deleted. We’re acting out mass conscious conditioning and family programs and speaking outmoded paradigms we no longer believe… specifically so we can finish with them once and for all. The goal is to judge ourselves not, lest we be led astray by our own temporarily confused states, but rather continue to be grateful that this error consciousness is being served up for healing. Thank you God.

As we move into this era of positive expectations, peace based upon the innate worth of man, restoration of human dignity, return to our authentic loving selves, equality for all, human functionality, and prosperity across the breathe of life, millions are aligning their conscious intentions with these tenants of God’s original matrix for mankind.

So I am reminded, now that I’ve popped out of my creation of concern about America and returned to higher self that knows the truth He wrote on our hearts, by a quote from the text of my own ‘Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You’ class I’ve been teaching at Unity….

‘Stop reacting to what is going on in your life in the real world…and even in your own mind. Simply let it be just as it is… without the need to fix it, worry about it, create around it, or resolve it.  Withdraw your attention from it so it dissolves by itself from lack of energy from you. Notice it and let it pass by without getting attached to it emotionally. Do not analyze it, figure it out, or personalize it by allowing yourself to connect this current event to one of your stories from the past.’

This is a major key to peace of mind and a heart at peace.

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