Our Responsibility In the Unified Field

Our Responsibility In the Unified Field

As a field…. Within the Field

Excerpt from Transform Your Life Instantly, 2005  Adele Tartaglia

There is a unity in the universe. There is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of forms and aspects. We are all part of the oneness of all that is. All created things from the plant and animal world to the planet herself are united in the spirit of that which created it all, Universal Mind. And, as a field within the Field of all that is, we have personal responsibilities.

There are no sentient beings in the world that are not permanently affected every time a human kills or tortures another human or animal. To harm one is to harm all. When you harm another form of life you harm yourself for you are that form.

It is energetically being integrated and stored in the cellular memory of all living things to be passed down intergenerationally to our children and the offspring of the animal kingdom. These negative vibrations destroy our sense of peace and harmony and our sense of safety and rightness, leaving us emotionally distraught, hopeless about the future, and fear ridden on subliminal levels. They render our immune systems more viable for disease as we absorb the profound dis-ease of a planet in conflict with its inhabitants, full of hate that kills instead of full of love that creates.

Destructive anti-life thoughts and words disturb the natural flow of life interacting with itself in all its glorious and variant forms of expression. The plants themselves feel the disturbance from miles away when one of their own is mistreated without respect. Can you imagine the large scale turbulence in the energy field caused by destroying a forest or devastating a species which mankind does without a thought?

The inherent love placed in the heart of man as our divine birth right ceases to flow the healing energy of gentle sympathy and care for our fellow man in the atmosphere of a world violating the basic tenants of decency and equanimity. We have shifted the intrinsic order within creation’s blueprint for harmonious energy exchange until it has become so dissonant it fragments particles of reality into disharmonic waves in the time space continuum.

Societal anxiety arises from the inconsistency between our idealized beliefs which are oppositionally inconsistent with our actions. This cognitive dissonance increases as we ignore the plight of the less fortunate and stock pile natural resources, goods and money in the West.

The mindset of destroying instead of creating resonates through our hearts and minds as a feeling of being out of alignment with the schematic for rational management of the world. The laws of nature have been so distorted and manipulated by mankind that freak occurrences unexplainable by science or religion are taking place more frequently. We’re not only melting the ice caps, we are melting the center of peaceful resonance with the environment within the christ consciousness of the human soul.

We’ve become good at ignoring these uncomfortable stirrings we feel when accepting or rationalizing our commitment to war. Our interior unrest is the result of the spiritual self out of sync with universal good will for itself inherent in all of creation made by Beneficence itself.

Frequencies of love are lost, forgotten, and ignored as promptings for greed and power obliterate the balance of the have and the have-nots. The lower level emotions that war and the training for war breeds in the psyche of man, the terror, hate, hopelessness, and destructive mentality are incapable of tuning in to the higher frequencies of loving kindness, compassion, empathy and largess. The mind and heart of man cannot take two diametrically opposed emotional positions at the same time and maintain its stability or sanity. Nor can it be rationally inclined to follow conditioning of a soldier and the conditioning of its childhood at the same time. The youth of the world finding themselves in utter chaos and devastation cannot afford to stay in touch with their loving and empathetic nature and Golden Rule standards. For those whose disconnect is incomplete, post traumatic stress disorder is standard.

There can be no classification of thought, action, behavior, movement, law, or cause good when it is merely good for the individual but deleterious for the masses. What brings even one soul to the brink of despair, starvation, or devastation cannot be labeled a worthwhile endeavor. When one feels something, all feel the same thing at the same time on a structural level, whether they are able to identify it or not and no matter how accomplished they are at denying and sublimating it.

But there comes a time when we must become personally honest, extraordinarily real and face the truth of what we have made of the community of man and the energy of the milieu he lives in.

By offering our loving prayers, forgiving thoughts and unity consciousness meditations as we continue to visualize peaceful reconciliation throughout the brotherhood of man, we alter the very quantum particles that are creating the reality in which we are living.

By refusing to stand by silently as more and more inequity reigns in the world, the mindset of helplessness with be lifted.

By raising our own frequency output to the highest vibratory rate, love, the subsequent quality of energy demonstrations on the planet lifts with each visualization of the highest and best outcome for all concerned, not just for us on a personal level. We at once become aligned and integral to the divine matrix for life on the planet.

The more of mass consciousness that deliberately aligns their frequencies with their higher self, their Authentic source self, and the persistence with which they do so has the potential to transmute the entire energy field being transmitted by the human mind.

When one of us heals on a personal level, mass consciousness heals on a collective level. The mind of man is entrained and coherent with all of humanity. In a heightened state of sensitivity, psychic resonance can entrain the mind to the animal and plant world and merge with it. It is always exchanging information and energy through the frequencies emanating from it, either deliberately for beneficial outcomes or randomly without intention as to their effect, with the mind of the universe. This is the effect of being the field within the Field.

With intention, the mind’s intelligence and the heart’s intelligence can be entrained to the Mind and the Heart of Creation itself. And when they are, all are unified in and through the Sacred Heart that loved enough to create and sustain all that is.

Transform Your Life Instantly: Make Your Mind Work For You Instead of Against You © 2005, Adele Tartaglia
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