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Be the Change You Want to See In the World 

As soon as enough of us decide to live with the intention of dispelling dysfunctional, outdated myths, paradigms, prejudices, belief systems and frames on God, humanity, and life itself, we will reach sufficient momentum and everything in the morphic field will shift and come into alignment with divine right order without any further effort on our part. Together we can heal the world.

Peace, loving kindness and the cooperation principle begins with each of us, one person at a time until we reach critical mass and human consciousness shifts of its own accord.

This is a blog  about living consciously, being awake with intention, versus experiencing life asleep, operating out of subconscious programs, biases, blueprints, memories, and expectations, most of which are not even our own.

It means approaching life responsibly and purposely, with the goal of being mindful about what is taking place politically, economically, socially, and ideologically, within yourself, your home, your country, and the world, and being proactive about it.

It’s about refusing to accept what we have been accepting as, “That’s the way it is,”  “You can’t fight City Hall,” “What can we do?” “That’s just how I am,” “Who am I to change things…” which translates into giving up without trying and tolerating the status quo. We can no longer afford to operate from this passive perspective.

To clarify the use of the word “accept,” the mass conscious willingness to accommodate the controlling element of society is not the “acceptance” necessary to realize the truth of something so you can change it and move on. This non-committal stance is the opposite of an insight that transforms your life. Ignorance or denial of the truth about situations and self prevents people from recognizing and defining what needs to be changed. The use of the word in this article means to accept in deference to doing something about it.

It’s about realization of who you are and who you are not. Over half a century ago physics changed a primary premise about reality by concluding that the outcome of experiments was more dependent on the observer than on the scientific method employed. This is one of the most important scientific facts ever discovered about integrated relationship between the nature of reality and the nature of human consciousness.

Today we know the mind of man is entrained and entangled with consciousness throughout the universe. This leaves us with enormous responsibility as co-creators of world conditions, mass perspectives on the basic elements of life, personal experience, beliefs about the body mind system and the healing paradigm of Oneness. There is no area of reality that man’s mind sending frequencies into the Field is not creating through its ongoing operational mode.

If you doubt the effects of human consciousness, watch What the Bleep Do We Know again or re-read Dr. Emoto’s The Hidden Messages in Water.

The process of waking up is in realizing we are sourcing these creations either intentionally by deliberately choosing what we want to see manifested, what I call Conscious Creating, or by allowing default settings held in mass consciousness to produce random events, what I call Unconscious Creating.  Regardless of our state of awareness of the act, we are creating constantly.  More often than not, the events that make up the news are anti-life, anti-humane, anti-spiritual, anti-planet, and anti-alignment with universal laws. If man doesn’t stop being insular and indifferent to what is happening in the world at large, we might just randomly blow ourselves up. We are already randomly starving and killing a lot of the world’s population.

Change or transformation is always about changing a mental concept, not work in the three dimensional world. The creative element in man made in the image of the Creator, operates in the field of all possibilities, so the need for working in the physical realm in order to help mankind and the planet is thus slowly being alleviated, as the numbers of people aligned in consciousness continued to grow over the last forty years. The world is catching up with those of us Danion Brinkley once considered operating on the outlying borders of reality.

Anyone who watched Obama’s “We Are One” inaugural celebration knows we are sitting on critical mass. Sign after sign, person after person has been inspired to step up to teach the same message of oneness, integration of consciousness with quantum mechanics, establishment of new industries and technologies to unite the family of man, holistic paradigms about healing beyond allopathic medicine, universal peace missions, celebrity support for humane causes, ad infinitum.

As far as accepting things as they are, for baby boomers accepting things is not lack of initiative, as we all know, for they changed the world. Bill Gates, Jobs and Wozniak, and the creators of the internet are exceptions to the baby boomer programming, and permanently altered the way we live.  But for way too many boomers, the indoctrination of parents born early in the 20th century passing down intergenerational beliefs kept innovators from implementing their ideas.  The perpetuation of lack of self worth based on organized religion’s definition of man as sinful, inherently defective, inclined toward evil, guilt ridden, and operating from identities like hopeless and helpless, suffering, and victimhood, stymied creativity or action. We were discouraged from being different and told our innovative ideas were crazy. A lot of those ideas later became billion dollar industries and businesses.

These identities are the antithesis of realizing you are the decision maker creating outcomes for humanity.  From this “I am not worthy” thought form, it is difficult to believe in yourself and your personal power to make a difference in the world, let alone in your own life…and yet that is the truth. There is no end to our power to create and change things. The problem lies in that it is from these disempowering belief systems that we are creating the world’s reality right now. Ignorance does not change the quality of the human brain’s output it merely informs it.

All of these concepts and behaviors are sourced from obsolete beliefs that serve no one…not the country, the self, future generations, or the planet. They are all stored in collective consciousness as subliminal programs, automatically triggered in response to internal and external events and stimuli.

Added to this limited thinking is the element of controlling through fear which shuts down the left brain so that right brained emotional reflexes override the cognitive faculties. Historically used to control the masses, inducing the fear response makes us go unconscious in the psychological sense. Because it is difficult to be rational and emotional at the same time, and fear is one of the strongest emotional trance states, we revert back to old conditioning and react instead of respond.

Instead of reacting to threatening situations with thoughtful consideration, there is no deliberation or analyzation as to the validity of the fear argument….we as a populace go into the react mode of unquestioning belief and blind obedience like automatons.

Contributing to the problem is that we have been brainwashed into accepting that the citizenry are here to support and be used for the benefit not for ourselves and our brothers, but to serve big business and government, which also serves big business. We have every right not only to question the decisions made by our representatives in Washington but to demand the rationale behind those decisions. We are obligated as a free electorate to demand accountability, responsibility, veracity, transparency, and representation restricted to the people, instead of pandering to the biggest bidder for their vote. We must stand up and demand answers that make sense for the human condition, for the economy, and for a mutually beneficial and cooperative foreign policy. We need the details and the long range projections for all major life changing decisions made in times of crisis and times of war.

The most efficient fear tactic every used in the history of our country was crying the ‘sky is falling’ so let’s indebt your great grandchildren. Instead of accepting precedent breaking solutions to rescue those who caused the crash without legislation enacting regulations, accountability and preventative measures to prevent repeating the economic meltdown, even more of us should have made our voices heard. Never before have we had a vehicle like the internet to bombard congress with our will and many of us did just that. Never before have we had a President who encouraged a participatory populace and we wrote him letters outlining our needs before he bailed out the perpetrators. But in the end, the market manipulators, i.e. those with the deepest pockets and the most lobbyists, won out and we lost. But it is not too late.

Loyalty to our country demands we defend it from all those who would destroy the free will of man to create a better environment, regardless if the threat is internal from our own citizens or external. We are witnessing the destruction of our country and way of life from the inside out. Political terrorism is alive and well inside America herself. When did we relinquish, or have taken from us our right to demand majority assent to turning point policies made in our names?

Is it just a question of being conditioned or are we Nixon’s proverbial Nation of Sheep? In the presence, or perceived presence, of authority figures, leaders, presidents, pundits, experts, professors, doctors, attorneys, the decision making area of the brain for many people simply shuts down. The mass assumption is that they know more than we do, so we should allow them to make the decisions for us. We’ve just had eight years disproving this theory with worldwide catastrophic results financially and in national security. Cognitive areas which would otherwise be analyzing, discerning and deciding are not functioning. A crucial part of conscious living is to stay awake and view everything you hear or read from the “experts” with a critical eye, research the issue, and then make your own educated decision.

A further cause of inaction is that the American public has been indoctrinated with the belief that there is something physiologically or psychologically wrong with all of us from the earliest age that needs pharmacological treatment. Much of the public are in a medicinally induced quasi trance state which prevents independent thought and renders us submissive. Depressing the central nervous system disables our executive power as the only rational animal on the planet – our will. Legalization of drug advertising on TV is convincing people they have so many illnesses, big pharma has to make up new names for new ailments to accommodate the newest pill they are pushing.

Aligned with the goal of a drugged out society, is allowing our food supply to be poisoned, which has caused epidemics. Other countries will not import our food it is so contaminated with carcinogens, artery clogging substances, free radicals and mind numbing ingredients. Without regulation, the American public is victim to run away profit based food production. It is hard to be politically active when you have to take a pill to get up in the morning and another to sleep. The food purveyor’s bottom line dictates how many addictives and processes they expose our pre-market food to, not the FDA. Even our infants are being addicted to sugar and carbohydrates which alter our mood states, brain function, and biochemistry. The cure is almost worst than the dysfunction; anti-anxiety and mood elevating drugs leave us suicidal, confused and non-responsive rendering us amenable to things like increasing governmental control over our lives by getting us to surrender our constitutional rights by using the fear trigger.

Without a watch guard for our food purveyors and big pharma, attention disorders, juvenile diabetes, food allergies, heart trouble, obesity, and cancer have become rampant childhood diseases. It is now close to being mandatory to test all elementary school children for attention disorders so we can continue to drug them from an early age making them prone to life long drug addiction and getting them conditioned to being drugged up instead of alert and aware. Keeping America’s attention on survival with orange alerts keeps their attention off taking a stand on crucial real time events like the loss of our rights to safe food and supervision over the drug industry.

And finally the institution of programs to destroy our educational system finishes the job of disabling the will power of the American public to stand up and take charge of their lives and the thrust the world is hurtling toward. It’s called the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. You just have to watch Jay Leno on the street to be appalled by the lack of basic information and education in this country. An uneducated public is an uninformed public and is much more disinterested and easier to manipulate. Degraded television programming and shock treatment delivered by violent programs and movies keeps us distracted, hypnotized, demoralized, and traumatized, all of which contribute to inactivity.

Living intentionally from a conscious state of awareness will put a stop to these conditioned responses, which we can ill afford. In an era of ever increasing national debt, when we are upside down with China, ramping up wars, manipulated by the corporate elite that control the world’s monetary system, resorting to inhumane torture, deliberate destruction of our planet, worldwide starvation, continued abuse of women and other minorities, all misrepresented by a controlled media, we must all step up in whatever capacity our talents dictate.

Everyone can participate in creative visualization of humanity moving toward more universally beneficial and functional programs. The brain cannot discern between an imagined event and a real event, so visualization works on every level of the body mind spirit system. It is an accepted programming device used by multi-millionaire sports and sales trainers. As a healing modality, visualization has been used successfully in the medical field and taught in major educational institutions such as Harvard for many years. There’s no reason we can’t all visualize the societal changes we need just before we enter into the sleep state, prime time for creating intentionally.  There’s no reason we can’t begin to delete our own subconscious programming that keeps us feeling too inferior to make a difference in our world. There’s no reason with the advanced technology today that we cannot reprogram our minds and empower ourselves so our on-going creations benefit humanity and the planet.

Once we become aware of the priorities and get focused on the essentials, we will be intentional about contributing to the causes that affect every life form on the planet. It is essential that we stop killing each other over differences in beliefs, hoarding the planet’s resources, and attempting to dominate the world. It is a priority that we stop spewing pollution into the air, melting the ice caps, destroying the ozone causing global warming. Other than the greed of corporate America, based on the business paradigm taught in Ivy League Schools of business, there is no legitimate reason for poisoning our food supply. Changing our perspective from traditional medicine’s billion dollar industry, treating illness and symptoms with surgery and drugs, to integrative medicine’s goal of preventing illness, promoting whole person healing, teaching self healing, and aversion to drug therapy and radical surgical procedures, must become a major focus.

Contributing doesn’t always mean donating money and never thinking about it again, although money is certainly needed. It is more about using your innate powers of concentration and focus. Directing your attention to consciously being the creative force, and then deliberately changing the basic premises the world is functioning from, will result in different consequences for the world. A realization that competition and victory to the strongest without regard of the means to the ends has destroyed the ideal of free markets. Capitalism without checks and balances has led to the total corruption of those in power, i.e.; Corporate America. It can no longer function in an environment without regulation or protections for the consumers. What we need is specific Citizens’ Bill of Rights like the Airline Passengers Bill of Rights for each area of mass concentration by big business that controls and dictates the environment we live in.

More particularly your contribution as the decision maker, is about learning to focus your attention on your intention…..your goal for the world and closer to home, for yourself as the essential creator you are. Getting in the zone, in the field and sending prayers for harmony, brotherhood, and peaceful reconciliation will change the world. Accessing the original blueprint for the harmonious order in the universe during meditation can restore aligned resonance with that original plan. Creating the end of the last of these conditions that are out of alignment will facilitate the completion of the Shift. We are all responsible for restoring society to a concordant matrix. We are all responsible and partake in healing the planet and bringing forth the cooperation paradigm to mankind.

So this is a blog about being intentional about defending our country, our children, the world, and our planet. Bringing unity consciousness, wholeness, healing, worldwide prosperity, peace, and loving harmony to the world will automatically repair the ongoing damage to major areas of civilization. Until we are united in our intentionality for these changes, we will continue to hold that vision, knowing it is already done in consciousness.

In the interim, to remind us of our intention and keep us focused, let’s continue to see it done, pay attention, wake up, organize, speak out, sign petitions, blog, contribute to media sites, and give of our time, talent, and treasure.

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