Peace Meditation I

Drown in God and breathe in peace.
Let your mind move past the words to the experience of peace.
Don’t try to get rid of the thoughts, just add light to them.
When there is light there is peace.

Be peacefully irritated,
peacefully depressed,
peacefully jealous,
peacefully frustrated,
peacefully resentful.
Pretty soon your whole being will be filled with light
and you will be peacefully peaceful.

Let the mind of God descend over you
and disappear within it.

Loosen the grip on the thought and
the emotion will begin to evaporate.

No matter what else I’m thinking,
I can also think of God.
That turns on a light.

No matter how small any daily problem is
it is sufficient to rob us of stillness
if we allow it.

Don’t wait until you are in the middle
of the event to remember stillness.

Remember stillness first
go through the problem with stillness
and afterwards
look only to stillness for the outcome. 

Turn now in stillness to God
that unites all souls in a kiss of peace.

If you lose your peace
break with the situation.

If you need to pray to restore yourself to peace
Pray now.

Lay aside all thoughts and fears of
where you are and what you are doing
leave even your hope behind
And fall like a feather into the hand of God.

Rest there ever so lightly
so very very lightly that you know
you will feel no longer where you end and God begins.