11-11-11 Reply to Reponses

Thank you for your response. Yes I know the truth about why we were programmed so negatively about our inherent nature, our supposed separation from God, and man’s anthropomorphic definition of God.

I started out studying theology, church history, and the Vulgate, Septuagint, and Douay translations of sacred scripture, only to move on to Lamsa’s original Aramaic, the Nag Hammadi library, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

From a lifetime spent moving in and out of the Presence, I believe in God’s unconditionally loving, non-judgmental, perfect all inclusiveness, aveternal, immutable, omniscient, immaterial, and omnipotent essence. This concept of the Creator precludes most of the attributes projected on Him by organized religions and mythologies.

I spoke of these false premises and the contradictions between sacred texts in Gifts from the Father, and Transform Your Life Instantly, and did get some feedback telling me to exclude the references, but that doesn’t matter. Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart aware of the God who lives there….be open and receptive.

Once people realize the degree of misinformation they have been indoctrinated with, it moves them closer to the realization of who they truly are as creators, with their own divinely loving essence, and that is all that matters. Only a fully empowered spiritually aware human being will take the necessary steps to move our world further on the path toward the transformational shift we are engaged in to achieve the successful outcome so critical for all God’s creations which are now endangered by the unenlightened who have yet to realize we are all one with All That Is and His Creations.