Be His Peace In the World

Reflections On Peace….You Are the Peace You Are Seeking

from  Peace Through Love….. a Matter of Choice. © 1980,  A. Tartaglia

“In the calming presence of god, we enter a time of perfect peace.
We drift in a sea of tranquility, knowing that nothing can disturb us
….for god is here. As we relax and let go, we feel god’s love enfolding
and uplifting us.”

It is when you consistently live every moment of your life
with inspired thoughts of God, that you will be drawing upon the
Fountain of Peace within yourself, for Peace is the Breathe of God.

The Breathe of God is the Breathe of Life which sustains you.
One with God, you are one with Divine Peace. Peace is You.
Be His Peace in the world.

Peace is a Choice. Choose Peace in each moment of the Now.
Peace is your Eternal Connection to Source.
Peace is the Sprit of Love.  Choose to Live in the Spirit.

You are the Spirit reflecting God’s Love here on earth.
Allow God’s Presence to shine through the Spirit in you.

Live, act, and have your being in the Loving Presence of God.
Know that Your Divine Essence Is Love, and that Love is God in motion.

God’s answer is always Love and You Are That Answer.
Peace springs from the center of Love within all beings.

When there is total surrender to the life of Peace,
God works Through you and As you
making you part of the Eternal Source of His Goodness.

The essence of the Lamb Nature is gentle submission to the
beneficience of Spirit flowing forth freely from you.

With an open mind and a tender heart,
dwell joyously in the Peaceful Presence of God’s Love.
Hearts overflowing with the Peaceful Love of God
remain serene and Poised in the Christ Consciousness
amidst the turmoil of an ever saddening world.

Dwell in the Silence of that Place of Peace in your heart
where Christ lives in you as the Child of Peace.
Create the consciousness of Loving Peace and
be resurrected moment by moment throughout all time.

Gifts From The Father: God’s Plan for His Children’s Happiness.