Understanding Our National Tragedy

2001, A. Tartaglia

We are still a nation in mourning over the terrorist attack on our country. This has affected us more deeply than any other national loss and we have had some devastating ones with the assignations of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy. Being connected in spirit as we are brings this devastating shock home to all of us as we feel the trauma of the departed and the agony of those left behind. The entire country watched in disbelief, stunned and horrified. The first and singular thought was to pray for every soul who lost their lives and their loved ones. Then the sincere praying began across the world with groups mobilizing peace meditations to promote understanding  and forgiveness between men where ever they may be.  Having lived through personal terrorism for seven years and personal loss through death, my feelings are theirs from the terror on the planes to the pain in the hearts of the families.

It is time for all citizens of the world to join together in paying attention to what is happening, taking action by voicing our opinions in countries where this is allowed and in all countries, by shifting our own consciousness’ from revenge, hatred and intolerance to understanding. At times like this, as a country we believe they cannot help hating and fearing our perceived enemies and feeling justified in taking revenge on them.  And this is also true for other nations we have committed offenses against who seek revenge on us.

We must do more than pray, more than hate, more than fear. We must seek to comprehend the why of this tragedy so we don’t create it again. Events we do not learn from repeat themselves because the underlying causes continue unabated. The thing we must understand to release our anger and forgive this trauma is that the people who we were told did this thing, totally believed in what they were doing as much as our government believes in funding Israel so they can destroy the Palestinians. They felt perfectly justified and glorified to die for their cause, just as our soldiers have felt justified to die for our cause.  This is not a discussion about the right or wrong of war. It is only to bring cognizance about why it happened so we can avoid it in the future.

Most Americans have little comprehension of the underlying current of events provoked throughout the globe due to the decisions of the U.S. government. The policy of secreting the machinations of the “Powers That Be” has been in force since  before Roosevelt and I do not mean wartime censorship. As there has been increased indefensibility of the actions of our government, there has been increased animosity and hatred of our country. The separation between the American government and its populace has not always been differentiated by the world but must be in the minds of Americans.  This was not a personal attack on each of us though we feel like it was being so identified with our country.  It is less the American people than the government that terrorists want to destroy but we get caught in the fall out as do every other people being attacked for the positions taken by their governments.

America has a double sided identity throughout the world and within the country itself.  On one hand it is the nation that defends countries under siege, rebuilds fallen nations, funds and trains allies’ soldiers, sends millions in relief to disaster areas, offers national prayer vigils, provides billions in food supplies to poor countries, sends the Red Cross all over the world, is known for the kindness of its citizens who are unsurpassed in volunteering to help in any crisis situation.

Unfortunately our country is also infamous for its abuses of other countries. First we support them, send them arms, then we turn on them, abandon them, dominate them, destroy their governments, or take their natural resources. We wire foreign government offices, put rulers in office and take them out of office. I watched it happen in Cuba. My father was a federal agent acting as liaison with Batista at the same time our country was funding Castro’s guerrillas. We go from ally to enemy depending on circumstances out of our control or because it serves us better. Fortunately we do not always follow these patterns of subterfuge but often enough that we are distrusted.

It isn’t that other countries don’t kill innocentscaught in the fray, use politics to manipulate world events, deceive their citizens and betray humanity for gain and power. It’s that more is expected from the leader of the Free world and a country with Christian ethics. Because we are expected to stand for justice for all and value all men equally, when we are shown to be less than heroes, the disappointment and anger against us is amplified. Unfulfilled expectations always result in greater disappointment. There is more substance to the hatred of our country than most of us have any inkling of. When you travel throughout the world you see the hate graffiti and hear what seems to us to be mistaken perceptions of what the U.S. stands for, yet from their perspective it is not misperception but subtantiated reality.

American’s love their country as much as they love their families. We’re proud of our heritage and our fight for freedom. Even as adults, we’re stirred to tears when we stand for our national anthem. This national pride so evident at the international events like the Olympics makes it very difficult not to turn our hearts to the opposite polarity of hate for those who would harm our beloved homeland. But in the aftermath of this devastation, instead of keeping our heads in the sand, let us try to understand the mindset of the terrorists. And as the subject of another article, let us delve into the circumstances in our own country at the time of the attack which set us up so perfectly for the event. Norad’s Vigilant Guardian exercise seems to be a very interesting synchronicity.

If American children had a weapon put in their hands at age five and were taught to hate and kill for their country, we would be doing the same thing. In our country we give our kids bikes at five and teach them to enjoy life while they’re young. This is a rare privilege in a world with starving children learning to do anything to survive and with children in training to destroy their enemies surrounded by violence from birth.  There is an enormous difference in this programming; the difference between love and hate, safety and fear. How can we not understand that children in other cultures all over the world have been taught hate, prejudice, and killing and know no other way? Children in the countries we bombed grow up hating us for killing their families. Just like them, many Americans who lost family in wars still hate the countries who bombed us. And now we are doing it again, we who as a populace know better but have no say in the matter.

Because we have had advantages and blessings unknown in much of the world our responsiblity for sanity is more. In large part, Americans have the luxury of being based in love, compassion, and forbearance. Generosity is the standard bearer in our country where our founding fathers and industrial giants gave back so much on a national level.

The beneficence that comes with privilege, the tradition of noblesse oblige, allows us to turn our initial reactions of horror and hate to consoling the grieving, praying for the dead, and shifting the energy in the world away from the beliefs that created this event. The moment we shift to empathy which resonates our oneness with every other soul on the planet, we release the highest frequency known to man, love. It is sent from every forgiving empathetic soul out into the universe to begin the work of changing mass consciousness from destroying those with different beliefs, to respecting and learning from each other. If we choose to stay in the disabling unconscious state of fear, if we choose to operate from the lower levels of consciousness like anger and revenge, those very vibrations reaching the Field, self perpetuate repetition of hate crimes throughout the world. There is only one question we must ask ourselves, is this the world we want our children and grandchildren to live in?  Are our own minds contributing to a world filled with hate or to a world filled with love? 

There is only one of us here manifesting in a myriad of forms and aspects. All created things from the plant andanimal world to the planet herself are united in the spirit of that which created it all, Universal Mind. There are no sentient beings in the world that are not permanently affected every time a human kills or tortures another human or animal. It is energetically being integrated and stored in the cellular memory of all living things to be passed down intergenerationally to our children. These negative vibrations destroy our sense of peace and harmony, our sense of safety and rightness leaving us emotionally distraught, hopeless about the future of man, and fear ridden. They render our immune systems more viable for disease as we absorb the profound dis-ease of a planet in conflict with itself, full of hate instead of full of love. It resonates through our hearts and minds as out of sync with God’s plan for His children living in His universe. We’ve become good at ignoring these uncomfortable stirrings, and at rationalizing our commitment to war. But there comes a time when we must become personally honest , devastatingly real and face the truth of what we have made of the community of man and the energy of the milieu he lives in.

By offering our loving prayers and thoughts as we continue to visualize peaceful reconciliation throughout the brotherhood of man, we alter the very quantum particles that create the reality in which we are living. If we lift our own frequency output to the highest vibratory rate, the subsequent quality of manifestation on the planet lifts with each visualization of the highest and best outcome for all concerned, not just for us on a personal level. It cannot be good for us individually if it is bad for others.

We are grateful that we live in a part of the world that believes in and teaches the love and respect underlying the Golden Rule, but lest we suffer from spiritual arrangance, every nation has their sacred text that teaches a vairance of the Golden Rule. When the Creator of all that is says He wrote it on their hearts, that means every man’s heart, not just American hearts.

Notwithstanding this fundamental law, there is still plenty of hate and prejudice practiced at home to be reconciled in our own national heart.  Each of us  can do our share at every opportunity to heal the tear in national consciousness. We can show our gratitude with the smallest acts of kindness, consideration, helpfulness, acknowledgment of our fellow man. Every act coming from a pure heart, every right directed thought, every word of encouragement makes a difference. You are here to make a difference not to ignore world events as you cocoon yourself in apathy. “I shall pass this way but once; any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show – let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”  This must be the personal commitment of all men.

Let us send the love and understanding so needed by the perpetrators that they feel it so overwhelmingly, they shift in consciousness themselves and realize it is not the American people that have delivered the offenses we are so despised for. We are like them, at the hands of our government as long as we continue to allow it. And from this point of departure, let their minds openly and honestly enter into the trusting state where they find the peace of their Allah, and realize we are all the same as human beings, sharing the same basic needs, minus the programming. Let their hearts feel our projected remorse for the actions of our nation and thus become receptive to peace talks, compromise, mutual respect, and a meeting of the minds.

Coinciding with this opening of hearts and allowing divine right reason to rule, let the hearts  or our government feel remorse for the actions of our nation and thus become receptive to peace talks, compromise, mutual respect, and a meeting of the minds. As we send the frequency of peace throughout the world, let us continually surround our President and Vice President with the white light of divine discernment concerning human decency. May they lead the government of our country toward unity instead of further division of God’s children. Let us pray they come to the necessary degree of self realization and self honesty that enables them to best determine how to handle this tragedy in a way that stops the violence instead of escalating it. May we do our share by becoming an informed citizenry about the factors creating the adversarial environment necessary to bring about war, and by letting our representatives know that this is not the world state we want to pass on to our children.

Toward this end, at 6PM Sunday Evenings throughout the world, there are Peace Meditations going on. I have one in Phoenix at my Life Management Center. If you cannot attend in person, please attend in consciousness. The weekly peace meditation is sent out by email. Together we can hold the vision of world peace and cooperation.

Gifts from the Father, 1998; Principles of Causality, 1996; Peace Is A Choice, A. Tartaglia