Do We Need to Know Everything Going On

On Knowing It All….

The solution to creating a new reality for self and for the world, is locating old programming and archetypes that aren’t serving us or the planet, and erasing and replacing them with intentionally aligned life supporting, decency engendering, spirit enhancing beliefs.

Considering everything that is coming to light during these times of shift, the “being revealed” aspect called the apocalypse, one wonders if it is beneficial for us to investigate thoroughly such shocking revelations as the use of the Haarp program, which we have little influence over.

Is it appropriate to fill our minds with morbid details, or, rather employ the power we do possess in abundance, the ability to change and reframe our belief systems and thought forms, the energy we are sending out to the universe to manifest more of.

Time better spent might be the intentional creation of those altered paradigms through attention and focus on the prayerful application of Love and forgiveness and releasement, and restructured thought patterns and languaging patterns as we think about and talk about a world that believes everything we think and say about it.

By deleting from our consideration the current use of this research program, we stop the psychic energy emanating twenty-four hours a day from our own consciousness, thus helping shift mass consciousness into a more positive field of energy with positive expectations.

Our own minds and the frequencies from them are so critical to world transformation, as to be literally creating it or blocking it. Our beliefs are so powerful we are either contributing to the current consciousness that is capable of using valuable innovations against mankind and the planet…. Or we are contributing to the consciousness that uses innovations in behalf of mankind and the planet.

The choice to bring about the end of life on earth or to heal life on earth, is always ours alone to make and implement into our own life. 

We must learn to trust the universe and each other again….to see life as a friendly environment.

The former head of the U.N. said the “human species needs to believe peace is possible so that we can have it. There are pockets of peace ….we are seeing more signs of peace than ever before….peace is breaking out all over the planet.”

Feeding our body mind spirit on a constant stream of news, becoming aware of world events, is not the same as discovering what is in your own consciousness already that needs transforming.

As to taking in more highly charged traumatic information, and imprinting and traumatizing our body mind spirit, it is antithetical to healing the planet and the political, social, economic systems in place.

For thirty years we have taught our children, students, and clients to filter what they watch, hear, and read so they don’t have to experience it themselves, nor edit violent anti-life programs from their subconscious minds.
If it’s not in your energy field as a belief, thought, trauma, emotion, memory, or habit, the body mind spirit cannot experience it.  Only you get to choose your thoughts, that is the essence of free will. Only you decide what quality of consciousness you will hold for yourself and the world. You alone.

Contrary to some assumptions, I do not believe everything that is taking place with what we like to label, “the global elite who are running the world” is fully known or contained in all of mass consciousness. I personally know hundreds of people who don’t know any of this information and I prefer they don’t so their fear and discouragement doesn’t add to the continuance of the present state of affairs.

Remember the same scenario can manifest even if identical beliefs are not present, but oppositional beliefs or associated belief systems are wired together to set up the perfect scenario to allow those in control to have the effect they are having.

Logical mechanistic mental constructs, [only what you can perceive with the five senses and prove scientifically is real; thus leaving out love, compassion, decency, and integrity] are still highly influential motivators in the old system of progress, power, greed and control.

Mass conscious programming such as lack of self worth leading to deservedness to be taken advantage of, disempowerment… there’s nothing I can do, life is hard, people can’t be trusted, man is evil, are so strongly implanted in humanity, there wasn’t much work to be done for the intentions of those in control to spread worldwide.

My choice is to do the work without taking in anymore facts which have not been fully revealed to me. If it should be, with the earnest intention of knowing what is out there so we can stop it, then I will have to remove it as I did after the last conference and heal the emotional trauma attached to the knowledge of people getting sick and killed on the planet through the deliberate actions of those who have lost touch with their divine essence and are confused about what life is about. 

I would have preferred not to internalize this information in the first place.

What I know is that God is taking care of everything in His own inimitable powerful way to restore His universe to divine right order, and I don’t want my own frequencies to support the current paradigms in perpetuity by constructing petitions to be signed to send to Congress, posting the news on facebook, and talking about it.

He lives in us, as us, and through us. All aligned souls are partnering with God’s cause to do His work in His earthly vineyard during this time of global evolution.

Dwelling in such lower level consciousness, which is unavoidably as we read the information or listen to the details, for whatever period of time it takes for it to enter into the mind, and therefore into cellular memory, is not the way to align with our higher consciousness that can transform self and the planet by matching our higher frequencies with the Christ consciousness within us, source self.

This knowledge will get recorded instantly, integrated and wired into the neuro-net with associated belief systems, automatically triggering for us until we remove it, as well as the emotions and memories attached to it during the imprint.

And, what’s in our field, our environment, our minds, mutates and changes cell receptors and DNA, moment by moment, so they begin to send neuro peptide messages back to the brain in that never ending feedback loop to produce more depressing, angry, resentful, hopeless and helpless biochemicals as the entire system moves toward shut down, instead of moving toward eternal life, health and wellness.

Additionally, once negatively programmed with this potent information, in order not to subliminally be continually and unceasingly transmitting these lower energy frequencies to mass consciousness, because the mind of man is entrained and coherent with all other minds… and to the universe itself, waiting for directions as to what to manifest next, it all has to be deliberately and thoroughly removed from our multi-leveled, multi-dimensional consciousness, body mind and soul.

And then it has to re-programmed with restructured opposite belief systems so the mind doesn’t fill in the blanks in the vacuum with other related inaccurate beliefs not yet deleted.

And if you don’t happen to know how to do this work, you are stuck in that Armageddon frame of reference that this is the end of the world and its going to be horrific.

Instead, you could be surrounded by grace… in the flow of divine intuition… and compassionately manifesting the opposite reality of heaven on earth.

This programming and the psychological and emotional shift it entails, will take place unless while you read it and hear it, you are discreating it and all of its ramifications, in that very moment. Even as a practicing master of human consciousness, hardwired to delete and create instantly, it is a hazardous thing to do.

Let us keep our focus on the mind of man being renewed through the transformation of hostile fearful stimulus and behaviors into the light of divine inspiration
toward the life of love and compassion and beneficial consequences for all of creation.

Should we get distracted or loose sight of our intention for the shift into the highest state of consciousness, things will change for us and the world instantly.

The vibrational shift, this restructuring of our perceptions of life and attitudes toward divine right outcomes, undergone in the name of becoming aware of conditions to become proactive in some way, for most people, changes their vibrations from love to slower anti-love vibrations, resonates with their error consciousness, alters their focus and confuses their intentionality as they get triggered into resistance to the information.

This only distances them further from their source self that never deviates from its God purpose which is to hold the higher frequencies during the universe’s transition, and indeed, to be frequency specific for love to take over. 

We didn’t come here to jump into the separation archetype of fear that tells us we are alone in the world with no one to help us during this time of worldwide disaster.

We can’t stay anchored in the current paradigm and shift to the new one. We can’t continue to think about and talk about the world as it is now, and still resonate in new conditions. We can’t tell the same story and create a new one at the same time. The energy we’re expending is keeping the status quo intact while sending no energy toward manifesting a changed reality.  It takes a realignment of energetic vibrations to set up the incoming era of peace on earth.

The commitment, which is being honored and accepted every where at once, to One Power, One Presence in the universe, God the Good, knows there is only one of us here, and there is no other, no enemy doing it to us. “They” are just another aspect of self in the soul’s long journey, with the same essential quality as our own authentic self….made in the image of the Creator with a divine essence of love and infinite creative intelligence.

As there is no duality contained in the reality of the multi-dimensional life we are moving toward, no evil God has to fight, there’s only truth, beauty, love and divine equanimity which we are to focus on.

Having given man free will to employ his creative mind towards any end his misdirection takes him, the time has come when we have asked for His help in realigning all of humanity with the Divine Matrix….and we are receiving it magnificently.

There’s nothing to be gained by pretending “they,” “the big bad global elite” are doing it to us and vesting them with power over us. This is just another form of separation and duality in our own minds.

We are them on some level of consciousness and they are us which is the hope of mankind. Our psychic energy and hearts of love can flow to them transmuting their insecurity, fear, and confusion until they return to their authentic selves too.

The more minds that know and believe in these extremely disheartening events, the more energy given them and the mind set that created them, thus keeping it on automatic create. Energy is energy and always manifests its object. That which we worry about, resist, judge, hate, and fear, all lower registry vibrations, creates after itself in like kind. That is the Law of Mind Action.

After learning all the machinations going on in the world, what will it have gained us?

What it has cost us, is a chance for less peace of mind, less trust in other people’s inherent goodness, and less faith that this is a good world and everything is in divine right order.

We can heal it generally rather than specifically, on a universal plane of existence within our own united collective consciousness. We don’t need to misalign our attention with domains we don’t belong in, by thinking about and talking about what we don’t want to experience.

We have the power to transmute any energy form, lift any vibrational frequency, through the sheer power of applying Love to it in the Theta state.  If we could but love enough, nothing unlike love could exist.