We Are Sitting on Critical Mass

The timing for our showing up and stepping out to devote our hearts and minds to the work at hand couldn’t be more perfect. Though the shift has been going on for a long time now, we see institutions, organizations, socio-economic status quo being challenged and toppling just as we knew they had to, to make way for the new society, the new perspective on what life means on this planet and who we are, which most have no idea about believing they are human only forgetting their divine heritage and unspeakable worthiness.

As foretold, in these times everything will become known.. from behind the veil of secrecy perpetuated by those in charge. And for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear no more will we see through a glass darkly.

Divine illumination is a choice not a gift selectively given to the few. All have the full spectrum of gifts from the Father to fulfill His divine intentions for His kingdom. Man in his infinite …not wisdom….but fear and greed, has even reached out across the universe to pollute and disturb the ineffable silence of space where all created matter goes to be refreshed, renewed and expand into all its was meant to be.
The holy instant is upon us and within us. We are sitting on the critical mass we’ve been focused on all these years. The beginning of the united consensus we knew we hit when the We Are One Concert took place after Obama was elected. The shift of so many musicians, who always lead the way into the next evolution, into unity consciousness affirmed it for me. I called everyone I knew to announce it I was so thrilled.

And it is about to reach its fruition any moment now, time being an artificial measure… now being the eternal now, the only moment there is, the ongoing perpetual present moment.
Reading RAJ’s paragraph on “in the holy instant”….this is all the soul has longed for throughout its long journey back home…all we have stood for and represented with our presence here. God reining without man interfering and dissipating that Divine Energy of wholeness, perfection, order, truth, beauty and love…the return to His Divine Matrix, His blueprint  when he created the universe.
Radical transformation is what transforming your life instantly is all about. Instant transformation is entirely possible and plausible once you take personal responsibility for everything that issues forth from you by aligning your multidimensional consciousness; subconscious, conscious, and super conscious source self.

If too many of us refuse to be responsible for the mind energy and belief systems we are transmitting and implanting in mass consciousness, nothing will change.

If you pretend an expanded dimension within the mind of man does not exist, and is not readily accessible, nothing in your life will change and you’ll find yourself in the same conditions you are in now….suffering and unconscious… ten years from now.

Belief being the primal causality of everything you experience, if you don’t believe it can happen to you, through you and with you, it won’t. You are at choice.

Life is about becoming and you are the decision maker. The choice not to choose is a choice with huge ramifications at this evolutionary time. 

Operating through your Authentic source self, atonement, at-one-ment is the state of consciousness you live, act, and have your being in, being fully aligned with the Creator as source energy. This is why returning to your real self is the primary goal of actualizing your potential on this planet.

We loose nothing in the process since surrendering to the Will of the Father should be, must be, yielding to our own will… for is He not abiding within us…not without?

Are you not yielding to the Christ consciousness that lives in your heart, that dictates your actions from the seat of your own super consciousness, that same Christ consciousness which you are deeply and ultimately grounded in?

It is in the act of aligning your will to His Will that the surrender takes place and a particle of the Beatific Vision is shared with you transmuting your energy for eternity.

As a field with the Field of All Potentiality, is this not our prayer… to demonstrate, magnify, and glorify His divine intentions?
“. . . where God’s laws prevail, where God prevails, and where there’s no sin, sickness or death.”

Wow…isn’t this worth forgiveness, releasement, alignment, and at-one-ment?
We now affirm, having been told that the world as it is now, is not reality but an illusion, an “appearance” He warned us not to be deceived by… lest we be led astray into logical mechanism, the very error consciousness which we are trying to evolve out of. 
It is in man’s universal acceptance of himself as part of All That Is, that we remember to act in as and through our own divine essence, love, that heaven may ensue here on earth.
When we are intentional about sourcing reality from our Authentic selves, that knows it is part of the Oversoul, that its divine essence is love, the highest, purest vibratory rate on the planet, through which everything can be healed and transmuted instantly, we are intentional about global transformation.
Excerpted from Transform Your Life Instantly © 2005 and 
Gifts From the Father © 1999, Adele Tartaglia