The End or The Shift

We are living in the time of the greatest transformation of mankind’s consciousness and societal precepts in history. We are transitioning out of scientific materialism and into the next sequence of civilization which I call Unity Consciousness,wherein the world realizes that we are all connected with everything else, our minds are entangled and coherent and yes, even entrained to the whisperings of our Universe itself. Everything everyone does, believes, thinks, and verbalizes affects the entirety of civilization and the planet. Since quantum physics has revealed this powerful law there has been a massive shift afoot toward examining the potential of a constantly eavesdropping intertwined unified consciousness. The old beliefs sourced out of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: the survival of the fittest, winning at any cost, the end justifies the means, do it to him  before he does it to you, might makes right, no good deed goes unpunished, competition is the key to success, the bottom line is all that matters, people are dispensable, only the global elite have rights, have destroyed the humanity of our current civilization.

This “self first” paradigm has collapsed the economy, poisoned our food supply, corrupted government programs, put our health in the hands of big pharma and the insurance companies, our finances in the hands of a non regulated SEC, and overturned our democracy by bribing the very officials “elected” to protect us from big business.

Having lost control over our lives, mankind has become sick with the epidemics of our time: frustration, anger, anxiety, fear, jealousy, envy, greed, and violence. These unhealthy neuroses have given rise to an addicted society totally relinquishing their power to a healthcare industry that has no concern for their welfare nor for the country’s national debt as it insatiably acquires more and more money at the expense of the citizens and the country. 

On the brink of destroying ourselves and the exactitude of a balanced ego system, new standards of conduct, new definitions of the meaning of life, and old codes of morality have been downloaded to many individuals. For some thirty years metaphysical gurus, writers, speakers and those whom spirit selects have shown dedication to creating new answers and more ecumenical applications to the eternal questions of existence. Spiritual groups are aligning faster than ever in an effort to transcend the logical mechanist belief that nothing is real that cannot be experienced by the five senses, a gestalt that has reversed the intended progression of the human soul. We can no longer indulge those who reveled in the serve self only aggregation. More and more people are being inspired to intentionally hold the vision, and deliberately deliver the message of the importance of shifting beliefs away from the “me” generation with emphasis on the individual, to the unity view of the highest and best for all. And in this process, collective consciousness is transforming Humanity. Some of us have been fighting for this viewpoint since the 60’s only to have been thrown out of the School of Philosophy because we insisted on the existence of a higher unseen reality and the inherent value and sacredness of human beings.

Now we are at critical mass with an expanded consciousness that sees with a more universal perspective…that which was written on our hearts has risen to our minds. It is only by working together in harmony and cooperation for the benefit of all souls, including the soul of mother earth, instead of allowing the most avaricious to control outcomes, that we can sustain viability of the planet and continuation of the species. Those of us who do not hold with the Apocalyptic end of world salvation of the few belief system instead believe that the Shift in human consciousness to all loving, compassionate beneficence is the end of the old constructs that allowed such horrors as the Inquisition through the domination of one religion or one government control that produced the Holocaust.

We must take control of our lives in order to take back our world. To take control of our lives we must take control of our minds and our hearts and in that transformation, the entire human organism will transform. The content of our mass conscious beliefs held in our subconscious minds must individually and collectively be revamped, revised, rescripted, and reframed. Old programs that are not of our own making, habitual behaviors, erroneous belief systems, addictions to that which numbs and kills the spirit, heart rending traumas, and illnesses unnecessary to an empowered person, must be located and deleted on every level of consciousness. Spirit, coordinating these realizations has inspired the creation of the most functional tools ever used in the mental health arena to make these changes in the human psyche.

Having removed the toxic anti-life constructs from our internal hard drives, they must be replaced with programs that enable instead of disable, contain life sustaining beliefs and proliferate healthy habits of thinking and living. The excision of the fallacy of the necessity and benefits of the suffering paradigm which manifests as war, killing, pain, trauma, abuse, victimhood and illness, must be forgiven, released, and obliterated from mass consciousness. We now have immediate non traumatic tools with which to handle this most emotional personal work. Knowing that the more traumatic the event the deeper the imprint and the quicker the subconscious is to use the strongest program as the general pattern to source reactions and responses to stimuli from, the more urgent it becomes for each of us to dispense with the post traumatic stress tracings contained in our minds and hearts.

Dissipating the volatile charge associated with our most devastating experiences is essential in order to stop their continued impressions on collective consciousness. We are willing to release these negative influences in order to free ourselves from repetitive life patterns, stop living out of the past, and enable us to choose in the moment free from pre-conditioned perceptual filters. It is only once released from our history that we may become self sustaining, deliberately creating, and intentional beings ready to be pro-active about the future of mankind.

We can no longer remain passive by-standers. It is time for us to accept our personal responsibility for the situations we find ourselves in. As co-creators of the reality on the planet we are aware we must re-align ourselves with the matrix of life instead of the vortex of death, and agree to exist in harmony with our environment versus destroying it.

We have discussed the rewards of changing the beliefs that have created our personal lives and that impact on the world. As each of us alters the information the environment of our own minds are programming our cell receptors with, to that of loving kindness and the cooperation principle  we will reach critical mass and human consciousness will shift of its own accord.

As we stand in faith based on truths once known and practiced by the ancients, willingly changing our individual identities by changing the quality and type of information received by the “self-receptors” of our cells, our information processors switch from “exclusivity” and bias filters to holistic integrative “inclusive” and acceptance filters where all are considered valuable and part of the whole of the Over Soul of humanity. 

Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You © 2005,  Adele Tartaglia

Gifts From the Father: God’s Plan for His Children’s Happiness © 1999, Adele Tartaglia